16 Feb

How Often Should You Clean Your Attic?

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Attic cleaning and insulation removal Toronto doesn’t cross many people’s mind unless as an afterthought or when there is an obvious problem in the attic. Add the fact that most attics are dusty, hot, cramped and stuffy and most people don’t want to clean the space until it is absolutely necessary.

Neglecting the attic leads to accumulation of dust, dust mites, mould and even pests. The longer you let the attic go unattended the higher the risk of triggering allergies and spreading diseases from numerous contaminants that could potentially inhabit a neglected attic.

So how many times should you clean your attic? The right answer is at least twice a year, preferably as often as is reasonable.

Best Time to Clean Attic

Avoid cleaning the attic during summer or on hot days because the attic can easily reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit which is not only uncomfortable but can potentially lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke and other serious health issues. The ideal attic temperature should be within 15-20 degrees of the outside temperature.

The twice a year attic cleaning schedule is enough for the typical household. The best time to clean is in spring and just before winter.

Spring Attic Cleaning

Spring is when most homeowners prefer to do their deep cleaning. Spring is an ideal time when temperatures are mild enough to work in the attic. Start early in the morning when it is relatively cold and stop any time you feel too hot or uncomfortable.

Spring is also a good time to clean the attic and inspect the insulation before the heavy HVAC load for the summer. Look out for signs of moisture or dampness and make the necessary repairs.

Winter Attic Cleaning

Winter means a heavy load for your HVAC system to make sure that the insulation is up to the task before the season sets in. This is also the time when wildlife and rodents break into attics to get away from the cold weather. Look out for cracks, gaps and holes and seal appropriately.

When to Get Emergency Attic Cleaning

There are situations when you need to clean your attic urgently regardless of the last time you cleaned. Call a professional attic cleaning service in Ontario immediately you notice signs of animals in the attic.

You may be able to save your insulation if you act quickly. Wildlife and rodents defecate and urinate in the insulation causing it to be toxic. Do not attempt to remove or replace damaged insulation on your own. There are many airborne pathogens where animals are involved and the cramped and poorly ventilated attic space drastically increases the chances of contracting an infection.

Cleaning the feces, nests, urine and other debris doesn’t mean that the attic is clean or safe. You definitely need professional sanitizing and deodorizing. Pheromones left behind can attract all kinds of other animals including dangerous predators. Experts have special equipment and chemicals that break down organisms left behind by the critters to effectively get rid of bacteria, pheromones and odour.

Why Hire an Attic Cleaning Service

In most cases, an attic cleaning service in Ontario helps relieve you the stress of hauling heavy boxes in a cramped and stuffy space. In cases where there are animals in the attic, hiring the professionals is the best thing to do.

The term ‘attic cleaning’ in relation to professional services can be misleading since the job involves far more than the actual cleaning. The experts help to trap or evict animals, animal-proof the entire house, inspect and repair damage in the attic, replace old insulation where necessary and perform a thorough cleaning, organizing, disinfecting and deodorizing. This work is backbreaking and difficult if not impossible to do on your own without the proper training and equipment.

Hire an attic cleaning service that offers a good warranty for the job.