18 Feb

Why Encouraging Birds Can Be a Problem

It is often a beautiful sight to watch birds in flight or frequenting the town square or a tourist location, feeding off grains scattered by passersby. However, in close proximity, birds can prove to be quite a nuisance. Whether they are simply perched on the ledge, roosting or setting up their nests, birds not only cause a ruckus by their presence, but can prove to be hazardous otherwise too. Professional bird removal services utilize nets, spikes and other means to take away their space. Read More

16 Feb

Why Pigeons Are No Lesser Pests than Even Rats

In some parts of the world, pigeons have proven to be such pests that they are referred to as rats with wings! Now, while those who watch pigeons from afar might find them charming, those who live in close proximity to these birds are usually the ones with a clearer picture on how troublesome they can be. They can cause a lot of damage over time and all bird pests need to be removed. Read More

04 Jan

What Are Natural Raccoon Predators?

Raccoons may appear cute and even cuddly but these animals are very capable of defending themselves from predators using their sharp teeth and strong claws. Raccoons are also good climbers allowing them to quickly get away from predators and get an access to your property and cause damage. It is recommended calling a raccoon removal company to deal with such an issue.  Read More

02 Jan

Skunk Trapping Tips – Should You Do it Yourself

Skunks can wreck havoc on your property whether it is digging holes in your yard or destroying your deck or shed at the entry point. The biggest problem for homeowners however is the skunk odor. Small children and pets are most vulnerable to getting sprayed although adults are equally at risk. Trapping is one of the most commonly used methods for skunk removal and a few tips may be helpful should you choose to do the skunk removal yourself. Read More

23 Dec

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Yard

There is no shortage of suggestions to raccoon removal in Toronto. Solutions range from the plausible such as leaving a waterproof radio outside, set to a talk show to dupe raccoons into thinking there is human activity; to the ridiculous such as spreading human hair and nails around your yard because raccoons are reportedly afraid of humans.

The truth is raccoons are highly intelligent animals and well adapted to living with humans so these tricks and hacks don’t work. The best you can do is figure out what is attracting wildlife to your yard in the first place and then eliminate or manage these attractions.

So what are raccoons attracted to? Read More

21 Dec

How to Get Skunk Smell Out of House

Skunk spray is one of the most potent and awful smells imaginable and is even worse when coming from inside your house. Skunk smell often has the same effects as pepper spray causing your nasal passages to constrict and making it difficult to breathe.

The smell comes from methyl mercaptan which the skunk carries in glands near its anus. The animal carries roughly a tablespoon of this oily liquid in its glands; enough to spray up to six times. Signs that a skunk is about to spray include the animal starts hissing, growling, stamps its feet, raises its tail and turns its back. Read More

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