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Humane removal of problem raccoons and other nuisance wildlife. Professional raccoon removal and exclusion services by Wildlife Shield. Our technicians provide permanent animal control solutions to raccoon problems. First we remove the animals then we secure your property so that raccoons can’t enter again. All our work comes guaranteed and is covered by our  2 year warranty. So if animals break back in through our work we are back at no additional charge. For permanent raccoon removal Toronto and transparent pricing please call: 647-560-3988.


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Raccoon Removal Toronto Services

The first step to solving any wildlife problem is a thorough inspection of the premises. Wildlife Shield technicians when visiting your property will conduct a meticulous inspection in order to clearly identify all possible entry points raccoons might be using to access your home. The technician will carefully climb on the roof of your home to inspect and will take photographs of any damage and entry points.

Raccoons frequently enter attics, garages, soffits or any other space they can turn into their temporary home. Such intrusion can cause problems as raccoons can cause significant amounts of damage to roofs or other parts of your house. Overtime, a raccoon problem can lead to other issues as more wild animals can enter a space, animals such as raccoons, squirrels, rats or mice. We will capture and remove the animals and seal all holes so that other cannot come in. The best solution to a raccoon problem is removal and exclusion. To get them out and keep them out. We use humane techniques that are effective and do not harm animals. Trapping or proper use of one-way doors can do the trick. If you have wild animals living in your attic, under your deck, in a window well or garage call us for immediate and professional. Call Wildlife Shield: 647-560-3988.

Raccoon Removal Process

After the inspection is concluded the photographic material from the inspection will be presented to the home owner. This process guarantees transparency in the work actually required to fix the problem at hand. Based on the photographic material, the technician’s assessment and the homeowners preferences an action plan will be drawn out. When a decision has been reached on the best possible approach, only then will work commence. The technician will then place galvanized wire mesh on the entry points while setting one way doors. The utmost care is always taken to ensure that no further damage accrues to your property. The one way doors will enable the raccoons to exit your home but they will not permit them to come back in, thus ensuring that your raccoon problem disappears. Upon our second visit we will remove the one way door once we confirm that all animals have exited.

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We solve raccoon problems every day. All our technicians know exactly what to look for and will find all entry points and weak spots during our initial thorough inspection of your property.

raccoon exclusion one way door installed to soffit


Once entry points are found we attach a one way door to allow raccoons exit but not re-entry.  It is the humane way and within a few days the raccoon will use the door to exit your space.

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Other entry points are sealed to make sure there is no other way in. We will recommend strengthening weak spots to avoid any wildlife problems in the future.

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Guaranteed Service

Every job we do is guaranteed. All our exclusion work is backed by a 2 year warranty. If animals break back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge. While we cannot be responsible for work we have not performed if our work is compromised for whatever reason it is covered by warranty. Structure depreciate, animals can be persistent but we stand by our work.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Shield is committed to the humane treatment of animals. We make sure that no animals are harmed or stressed during our removal process. Most wildlife problems can be solved using one way doors and exclusion. We take extra care to make sure no animal babies are harmed. We do this work every day all year long and our technicians are trained to deal with even the most challenging situations.

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2 Year Warranty On Our Work

All our wildlife control services that include exclusion services are backed by a guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Squirrel removal, raccoon removal and skunk removal services included. If animals break in through our work during the warranty period we return to rectify the situation at no additional charge.

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Raccoon Damage

It just gets worse with time. The longer you leave a raccoon situation unattended the damage will just getting worse. Raccoons are wild animals and will continue to make larger entry points, extensive contamination and not to mention the ongoing irritation of having wild animals living in your space. Roof holes will get larger and new entry points will be created as new animals follow the scent trail that previous animals have created. Older roofs are more prone to receive more damage. The strength of the animal and the natural curiosity drives them to cause more and more damage. More damage means higher repair cost. They are larger than squirrels and cause a lot more damage.

Don’t let the problem get worse. Call us for a consultation. We can guide you through the process and do what is needed to get them out and keep them out. Call us: 647-560-3988

Raccoons in the Attic

Warm and dark attics make perfect hiding places for raccoons. Female raccoons break in during late winter to have their litters during the early spring. Attics are warm, they are dry, secure, and shielded from the elements. Female raccoons have a powerful instinct when they automatically seek out safe, enclosed places, especially when they are pregnant. It is very common to get a female raccoon about to produce young to make its way and make into an attic.

Raccoons are exceptional climbers, they are quite powerful, plus they have quite nimble hands. The raccoon don’t have any trouble entering any attic they select, on nearly every house. Most times, the raccoon has picked an attic depending on closeness or convenience with their regular home range. The attic can be entered from various points. The most famous region is any location where an eave meets up against some architectural curve leading segments of the roof, including a dormer, or a roof section of your home. Other entrance places that are quite common are roof vents, gable vents, and soffit vents. Occasionally raccoons will just tear through wooden roof, right to the attic from the shingles – they’re not that weak. Click the link for more pictures of raccoon entrance points.

Raccoons Under the Deck or Shed

Raccoons frequently make their way under decks. They use the tight space under decks to sleep at night, usually during the warmer months. Keeping them out is imperative as they will contaminate the area with feces and other debris and animal matter. Getting them out is the first step, keeping them out is the next. We utilize a variety of techniques to get them out. We then seal the deck so that no other animal can get under.

The space under the deck can be used by raccoons, skunks and other wildlife in the warmer months. We get them out and seal the deck with heavy duty mesh so that no matter how determined no animal can get under again. Weather the deck is on the ground or elevated we can help.

Raccoons in the Chimney

Chimneys are like hollow trees to wildlife. It is an ideal place for a raccoon to nurse babies. Once there, the animals will make a home out of your fireplace damper. Screening off the chimney will prevent any animals from entering. We apply a one way door to allow animals exit. Once they are out, we return, remove the door and cap off the chimney. This type of raccoon removal can be complicated during raccoon baby season. Just like with every other type of raccoon removal job we take extra precautions during this time of year to make sure no baby raccoon is left behind.

Raccoons in Window Well

Raccoons often find shelter in window wells during warmer months. We not only remove the raccoons humanely but can also offer preventative solutions to make sure no other animal can use it again.

Roof Vents

Plastic roof vents are particularly vulnerable to raccoon and even squirrel break-in attempts. We at Wildlife Shield always recommend strengthening those areas and we use the best products and techniques available on the market in the Greater Toronto area. We carry per-fabricated and durable all weather corrosive resistant vent covers that will prevent any animals from entering through a vent.

plastic roof vent damage
wall vent cover

Wall Vents

Dryer vents, kitchen exhaust vents, bathroom vents are all vulnerable spots squirrels can chew threw to move in. Vent pipes on the inside are particularly attractive to squirrels. They not only emit warm air from the inside of your structure but also resemble tree cavities which are natural forms of shelter for the animals. We at wildlife Shield offer prefabricated steel vent covers that no animal can break through.

Roof Edges

The edge of the roof or drip edge is the area behind the eavestrough or gutters. These areas are particularly prone to wear and weathering as that is water and snow melt end up there. Clogged gutters, ice damage and vegetation over time make things worse. As shingles, roof boards and even aluminum siding in the area deteriorate they create ample opportunities for squirrels to chew through. Regular maintenance can help but squirrels will find a way inside at some point. We can strengthen those areas to make sure the animals can get through.

roof edge squirrel damage
ventilation pipe roof

Plumbing Ventilation Pipe Mats

Plumbing mats are what support the ventilation pipes on your roof. They are used to exhaust sewer gases. The pipes are supported by a plastic mat to make sure the whole on the roof is sealed after the installation of the pipe. This protective plastic mat is no match for squirrel teeth. Our wildlife control experts can install protective mesh or flashing on those areas to make sure no squirrel can chew threw it. The mesh also protects from raccoons attempting to lift the pipe.


Chimneys are another vulnerable spot for raccoons in the Greater Toronto area. Chimney caps often come off or become damaged and as a result raccoons get easy access to the hollow chimney area which is often safe for them to stay in during warmer months. If a chimney is potential entry point we will address the issue and strengthen the cap.

raccoon in chimney
soffit squirrel removal


Raccoons often break in through soffits. They put their back against the soffit and push up until the thin metal bends granting them access to the attic. Our technicians offer exclusion services that can make sure the soffits can withstand any attempt from an animal breaking in.

Gable Vents

Like all other types of vents, gamble vents are installed to allow air flow into your attic. They are typically plastic or wood and consequently no match to squirrels looking for shelter. They will chew through them and gain access to your attic.

gable vent damage
raccoon one way door

Raccoon One Way Door

When we find the point of entry the animals use to enter a space like an attic or a soffit we install a one way door over that point of entry. The animals use the door to exit but cannot re-enter. We use commercial grade doors manufactured by local Toronto based steel fabricators to make sure our tools never malfunction.

  • Humane Removal
  • Easy for Animals
  • 100% Effective
  • Takes a few days for animals to leave

Raccoon Trapping

Wildlife shield offers live trapping and relocation services for nuisance raccoons. Trapping can come handy when the animals are lingering in a garden or deck and exclusion and a one way door installation is not an option. Trapping is performed with the utter most care for the animals well being and follows the strict guidelines set out by the Ministry of Natural Resources for wildlife.

raccoon trapping


Owing to its adaptability, the raccoon is in a position to utilize urban areas as habitat. Some of the raccoon’s most distinguishing features are its exceptionally dexterous front paws and its own facial mask. Raccoons usually mate  between late January and mid-March. Pups are born early spring and stay with mom until they go out on their own late Fall. It may cost a few million dollars to completely mend damage brought on by the usage of loft space as dens. Small cities and suburbs, many raccoons sleep at a nearby woods after foraging from the suburban area during the day. Relocating or murdering raccoons with no license is prohibited in several metropolitan areas such as Toronto.


raccoon stuck up on tree

Raccoon Babies

Raccoon baby season starts in early spring. It is the time of year raccoon mothers are on the hunt for safe places to break into and have their litter. This usually means they break into attics. When performing raccoon removal services during raccoon baby season we take extra care to make sure that no babies are left behind. We use one way door for raccoons. While this method is very effective raccoon babies can complicate a job. During raccoon baby season we have to remove the mother from the attic and find the babies take them outside safely and re-unite them with their mother. If you need baby raccoon removal services give us a call at 647-560-3988.

raccoon baby

Raccoon Proofing Solutions

We provide a variety of services. From simple installation of wire mesh and one way doors to complete wildlife proofing of an entire property. In other words strengthening the entire structure against even the most curious raccoons. Such a service would necessitate the installation of chimney caps, strengthening of siding as well as removal of any tree branches that might assist wildlife. Plastic vents are a common weak spot in every home.

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds

Galvanized Steel Mesh and Exclusion Products

Wildlife Shield supports local businesses and only sources the best steel products for any exclusion work perfoemd. We do not use “chicken-wire”. We use galvanized steel mesh. Unless critters show up with power tools or bolt cutters they wont be able to break in.

Dead Raccoon Removal

We remove dead animals including raccoons from attics, sheds, gardens, roofs. If it is on your property and you don’t want to deal with it we can remove it for a minimal cost. Prices for dead raccoon removal in Toronto can vary depending on difficulty and accessibility. For instance if the animal is on your lawn the cost would be less than what it would be to remove the carcass from behind drywall. One way or another we can remove the carcass and make sure all odours are eliminated.

Guaranteed Raccoon Removal Toronto Services

Our services are guaranteed and are backed by a two year warranty. If the animals return so will we at no additional cost. We guarantee our work for two years so if the animals break back in through our work we repair things at no cost. We cannot however be responsible for other parts of the structure. Structures can depreciate over time and animals can take advantage of that. Our technicians will point out any structural issues during our inspection and will point them out. If there is work for us to do to help keep the animals out we will quote for it.

Raccoon Removal Cost

Pricing for raccoon removal Toronto begins at $275. This includes the installation of the one-way-door, the door’s retrieval after the animals exit and the sealing of the entry point. Keep in mind that there might be other damage that needs to be addressed. Typically this is not the case however animals can some times have made other entry points that will need to be fixed for the raccoons to not only be removed but not come back.

Raccoon Feces Removal – Disinfect

The longer the animals stay in an area the higher the chances that will have to deal with their excrement. The animals will continuously use your space as their latrine. Over time the amount of excrement can accumulate and seep through inside the insulation and ceiling drywall if the animals are in an attic. Raccoon feces can contain seriously harmful pathogens and raccoon roundworm. As part of our cleaning services we offer safe raccoon feces removal in the Greater Toronto area. Additional repairs do carry a cost as well.

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Additional Services

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Raccoons and squirrels will use your attic as a latrine. The longer they stay they worse things will get. We safely remove feces and deodorize the area with commercial grade products that break down odours and pathogens. Once animals are out we deodorize the attic  and entry points the animals used to remove any animal scent. We use commercial products that destroy odors from what animals have left behind whether it being feces, urine or carcasses.

disinfect cleaning

Attic Insulation Removal

When animals have been in an attic for a long time the insulation gets compressed and contaminated. Compressed insulation means that it produces a lesser R value. As a result it has lost its insulation capacity and needs to be replaced. We remove contaminated insulation and clean your attic. Aside from the pathogens, insulation contaminated with urine and feces will smell in the living area. If you need attic insulation removal services give us a call and book an appointment.

insulation removal
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Wildlife Control

We are experts in applying techniques to reduce conflicts between wildlife and humans. Our technicians are trained and educated in wildlife management and can employ techniques that other wildlife removal companies cannot. We have the resource and know-how and are allowed to completely and humanely remove animals. We provide the best defense in dealing with wildlife.

We also offer animal control services for other wildlife such as squirrels, skunks and birds. We are a full service pest control company offering a range of pest and wildlife removal services in the Greater Toronto area.

Call: 647-560-3988.  

wildlife protection

Disinfection Services

disinfection services

We are ready to serve for your safety. Disinfecting and Cleaning Services

Our Disinfection Services Include:

  • Botanical Hospital Grade Disinfectants
  • Bio-hazard Cleaning
  • Odour Removal
  • Surface Cleaning
  • Ultra-low Volume Mist Fogging
  • Sanitizing & Disinfecting
  • Pigeon Feces Cleaning and Disinfection
  • Dead Animal Removal and Disinfection

Service Areas

  • Toronto
  • Mississauga
  • Oakville
  • Etobicoke
  • Scarborough
  • Pickering
  • Ajax
  • Markham
  • Rirchmond Hill
  • North York
  • Vaughan
  • Brampton

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