22 Jan

Signs You Need Professional Attic Cleaning

The attic is one space in the house that doesn’t get much attention until there is an obvious problem or you decide it is time for spring cleaning. You should thoroughly clean your attic at least once a year. For one, this is where your insulation is located and is prone to mold, dust, and not to mention a favourite nesting place for rodents and other pests.

It is not always so obvious when you should book a weekend off to clean your attic or whether the better choice is to hire a professional attic cleaning service in Toronto. The following scenarios are good signs that you definitely need to hire professionals to clean your attic.

You’ve had Pests in Your Attic

Rodents are wildlife is notorious for breaking into attics. Attics offer a warm, safe, dark and quiet place to nest and breed. It doesn’t matter whether the rodent or wildlife issue has been resolved or not. If you have had pests in your attic, it is time to call in the professionals.

Rodent feces contain numerous pathogens that may infect humans with Leptospirosis, Bubonic plague, Lassa fever and many other diseases. Some of these pathogens can be inhaled during cleaning. The safest option is to hire a professional with the right equipment and training to do the job safely.

Even where diseases are not an issue, rodent feces and urine contain pheromones that attract other rodents and wildlife for up to a kilometre. It is difficult to completely get rid of these pheromones without industrial-grade chemicals which are only available for use by professionals.

You Need to Replace Insulation

Removing old insulation is a lengthy and dirty process, to begin with. Most homeowners find DIY more trouble than it is worth. A professional is able to remove old insulation and install new with minimal disruption to your household. Professional equipment allows the technician to remove and replace insulation without needing to access the rest of the house.

There are also inspections and assessments to do before installing the new insulation. Air leakage can account for 10 to 50-percent energy loss on your new insulation. It is often impossible to locate let alone repair these air leaks once the new insulation has been installed.

You Suspect Toxic Insulation

Asbestos comes to mind where toxic insulation is concerned. The main worry with asbestos and other such toxic material is inhaling the toxic material. A face mask may not be enough to guarantee your safety in this situation. In fact, you shouldn’t disturb toxic insulation and instead call a professional to deal with the problem. The asbestos insulation may not be dangerous until you touch it, causing the toxins to go airborne. A professional attic cleaning service Toronto knows how to properly handle the insulation and dispose of it safely. Remember that there are strict regulations regarding disposing of toxic waste including old insulation.

Rodent and wildlife waste can also make insulation toxic. The same rules that apply to asbestos insulation apply here.

You’re Overwhelmed with the Task

If the thought of lifting dozens of heavy boxes makes you feel overwhelmed about cleaning out the attic, it might be time to call in the professionals. The technicians don’t simply clean around obstacles but will help you rearrange, move or dispose of your heavy boxes and other items.

The technician will also inspect the insulation and give a professional opinion as well as check to make sure that there no gaps, holes or other defects that may be costing you energy efficiency or that could allow pests in the attic in future.

The scope of work for professional attic cleaning service in Toronto includes a lot more than the actual cleaning. Rather than hire separate companies to get rid of rodents in the attic, another to replace the toxic or damaged insulation and yet another to clean up, hire a company that offers all these services together at a reasonable cost. Hiring professionals for any of these reasons is an investment that will continue to pay itself far into the future.

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