Commercial Bird Control

Commercial Bird Control Wildlife shield offers an extensive list of commercial bird control services. Commercial buidlings offer great roosting and nesting areas to pest birds due to the larger number of void spaces in the building structure as well as the availability of nesting spots in vents and on air conditioning units. Due to the extensively expensive property damages caused by these birds, it is best to get rid of them at the earliest. These birds can also put the image of your business at risk, as the sight of defaced offices or unhygienic surroundings would not play well on the minds of your clientele and customers. We conduct a detailed inspection of your property before putting bird control measures in place. We focus on every aspect and conduct detailed examinations of the building or office structure and offer you efficient and guaranteed control measures. Services Cleaning -removal of nests, eggs, feces, and any associated mess, via pressure washing, (the start of any job) Exclusion- keeping the birds off or from getting into any affected areas as well as areas they will most likely go. Ledges,Signage,Rooftop equipment (electrical deterrents,spikes,slides,sprung wires ) Open structures ( netting,electrical deterrents,spikes) Removal- removing pest birds from inside a structure,food stores,shopping malls,factories ( mist netting, air rifle) Easy and cheap Do-It-Yourself bird removal treatments are almost never successful as these birds keep coming back to their nesting spots. It takes skill, precision, experience and being equipped with the best bird control products, to handle such pest birds and make sure that each and every bird is evicted from your property, right down to the last one. And that’s not all! After the removal procedures, you need to have bird-proofing options in place so you can rest assured that these birds will not invade your property again. Special Projects Team Specializing in at heights, remote access/sites- telecommunications towers,hi rise buildings,northern wilderness (specialized off road vehicles for remote site access) Cleaning/exclusion of tower/tall structures using climbing and rope access techniques At heights/remote site worker protection from birds of prey and other predators Consultation and awareness services also available At Wildlife Shield, we possess a Special Projects Team that focuses on bird control in areas, sites and location that are at heights or are remotely accessible. These pest birds sometimes invade and build their nests on telecommunication towers, in hi-rise buildings, or in tall trees in gardens, public parks and backyards. We have specialized off-road vehicles that ease the task of remote site access. Using such vehicles, our staff can reach any inaccessible points to remove birds and their nests. Our staff also uses climbing and rope access techniques to clean tall buildings, structures and monuments and remove nests and other mess created by the birds. We understand that certain birds are prey to other wildlife predators such as bears and coyotes and therefore offer services for predator trapping, removal and relocation as well. We believe that our customers not only require our services for bird control and removal, but also need details that could help them be more aware about their surroundings and how they can protect themselves from pest infestations. Hence, along with our excellent bird control services, we also offer consultation and awareness services. Our services include:
  • Cleaning
This is the first and most important step towards bird control. If the area is left messy and unhygienic, it could lead to another bird invasion as well as spread illnesses to the humans that are in close proximity to this mess. Our expert staff will clean the entire area and get rid of the birds’ nests and eggs. We use the pressure washing technique to remove feces and urine from the surface of your property. We will also clean and remove other mess created by the birds, such as dead birds, nesting material that may have clogged the pipes, feathers and unconsumed bird food.
  • Exclusion
We are equipped with some of the most effective bird control products in the market. These products include electrical deterrents, spikes, slides and sprung wires that guarantee to keep such pest birds at bay. Our technicians will conduct a detailed survey of the area to locate the spots that these birds would most likely nest in. Areas such as building roof tops, ledges, signage, rain gutters and downpipes serve as ideal nesting spots. We place bird control equipment in these areas to keep any possible bird invasions away.
  • Removal
Our bird removal specialists remove the birds from your home or commercial property with the help of removal techniques such as mist nesting and air rifles. These products do not harm the birds and are an absolute humane technique of removing these birds from your property. Our staff is experienced in bird removing procedures and we have evicted birds from homes, corporate offices and buildings, food stores, shopping malls and even factories.

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