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Professionals are often called out to remove wildlife from a person’s home or property. In many cases, when they arrive to remove the animal, they also discover offspring. That is because animals seek out a safe, warm place where they can give birth to their babies. Unfortunately for you, your home is just the right safe place, especially the attic. Give us a call if you need baby raccon removal services. All our work comes guaranteed and is covered by our 2 year warranty. So if animals break back in through our work we are back at no additional charge. For permanent raccoon removal Toronto and transparent pricing please call: 647-560-3988.


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Why Hiring a Professional for Baby Raccoon Removal

Making any attempts to remove baby raccoons without the help of a professional could put your in direct violation of laws and regulations. Contact a professional is your best approach to the situation. A trained individual understands the proper process of removal in a way that does not create unnecessary harm or fear.

Instead, the methods of baby raccoon removal used ensures that the raccoon family stays together. The removal process involves some key factors, such as:

  • Using an approach toward captivity that ensures a mother and her pups remain together
  • Assuring the mother and her pups receive food and water once trapped
  • Providing proper care for captured pups if they are orphaned by their mother (offered food, water, care, and rehabilitation until they reach at least 6 weeks of age, which is proper age for release back into the wild)
  • Reaching out to appropriate agencies, such as Animal Shelters, so they can provide appropriate rehabilitation to orphaned pups
  • Following stringent federal and provincial laws and guidelines so as not to face criminal animal cruelty charges and fines not exceeding $5,000
  • As professional services we offer attic insulation removal Toronto

Too often people become self-proclaimed experts because of information they find on the Internet. YouTube videos encourage viewers to take care of problems and save money using the DIY approach. However, it is recommended that you DO NOT take the DIY approach to baby raccoon removal.

For starters, raccoons carry diseases and bacteria that can prove harmful to human and pet health. Also, raccoons are not aggressive animals, but they will attack if threatened or provoked. Since raccoons carry rabies, you run the risk of exposing yourself should you inadvertently threaten or provoke a mother raccoon and her young.

Coming into contact with a raccoon’s nesting area also puts you at risk of transmitting diseases. If you breathe in or accidentally ingest urine or feces belonging to the raccoon, it can make you ill. A trained professional has all of the gear necessary to protect against diseases and safely capture a mother raccoon and her young without unnecessary fear or provocation.

Our professionals are keenly aware of the guidelines and laws put in place to protect wildlife and their offspring. They make sure to adhere to those laws and guidelines strictly to ensure the safe removal of baby raccoons. Technicians will also transport the raccoon family to a location that is safe and offers plenty of access to water and food.

Handling Baby Raccoons – Proper Precautions and Other Facts

Baby raccoons might appear cute and cuddly, but you should keep your distance. Unless you are a trained professional, there are a lot of things about baby raccoons that you do not know. For instance, you do not know how to provide proper care for them and you run the risk of leading to the abandonment of the pups if you do not steer clear.

Other facts you may not know about baby raccoons include:

  • Out of a litter of 8 raccoon babies, only 2-4 generally survive birth
  • The mother provides care for the babies by foraging food for them for the first 10 weeks of their life
  • Mothers will take their young out at night to teach them how and where to find food so they can survive
  • Female raccoons have a deep-seated motherly instinct to protect their young, which means she is not likely to abandon them unless the situation is severe enough that she has no other choice
  • Another term for baby raccoons is “kits”
  • Whereas some animals hibernate during the winter and other extreme weather conditions, raccoons do not, but they will sleep for 2-3 days until the extreme weather passes
  • Raccoons do not use their eyes to find food, but rather their keen sense of smell and touch

If you suspect that there is a raccoon or baby raccoons on your property, do not attempt to look for them. Instead, contact us and we will send someone out to assist you. Make sure you never touch or go near any raccoon babies you find. They may seem sweet, small, and cute, but going near them could put you and them in harm’s way.

You run the risk of making the mother mad, which could provoke her to attack. You also run the risk of contracting disease carried by raccoons. Instead, leave the babies where they are, back away, and give us a call. Never assume that babies are abandoned, even if you cannot see their mother anywhere. We can come out and verify if the mother is still around and provide safe and sound capture of all raccoons and their pups living on your property

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2 Year Warranty On Our Work

All our wildlife control services that include exclusion services are backed by a guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Squirrel removal, raccoon removal and skunk removal services included. If animals break in through our work during the warranty period we return to rectify the situation at no additional charge.

Raccoon Baby Removal

One of the most common home invaders is the raccoon. Raccoons will use their sharp teeth and claws to tear apart roofing shingles or tiles to gain entry to your attic. Once inside, they create a quiet den where they can safely give birth and raise their pups. Unfortunately, a raccoon in your attic goes beyond simply giving birth to adorable babies.

Raccoons can create extensive damages if left unchecked. They may tear apart insulation in the attic, such as insulation surrounding pipes and wiring, and use it for nesting materials. They can also cause expensive damages to roofing systems and insulation in their attempts to get in and out. To minimize expensive damages, you will have to have the mother and her pups removed.

Of course, baby raccoon removal is not something you should attempt to do without the help of a professional. Canada has federal and provincial laws and regulations in place that offer protections to wildlife and their offspring. Because of those laws and regulations, the baby raccoon removal process requires the attention of a trained and knowledgeable professional.

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