Raccoon Prevention and Proofing

Raccoon Prevention and Proofing

Throughout many areas of Canada, wildlife removal seems to be in high demand. Raccoon populations seem to have increased among urban living over the years, and it does not show any signs of slowing. Aside from the fact that raccoons can create problems outside your home, they can also create problems within. For permanent raccoon removal Toronto and transparent pricing please call: 647-560-3988.


Animal Proof Your Home

The best way to keep raccoons or any other wildlife out is to animal proof your home. Pay attention to weak areas that they often use to gain entry. A professional can assist you in making sure your home is secure and there are no weak points that a raccoon can use to enter your attic or chimney.

Soffit Raccoon Proofing

The soffits of your roofing system often provide easy access into the attic for raccoons, squirrels, and other wildlife. The soffit is the underside of overhangs and eaves. A particularly weak area is the soffit that exists at roof junctures. For instance, where a lower roofing area meets a higher roof area, you will find a soffit.

Just under that soffit is an open space that leads directly into the attic. It is easy for raccoons and other animals to pry the soffit down and enter the attic. Soffit materials are often made from vinyl or aluminum, both of which are thin materials and easy to pull down. The best way to secure the point is to have a professional peel back the soffit and place a plywood board there before securing the soffit back in place.

Roof Vent Protection

Pay careful attention to the edges of your roof system. You may notice holes or gaps that animals use to get in and out. If you notice gaps and holes, have a professional repair them for you so they are secure against the threat of wildlife invasions. A technician can pinpoint weak areas along the edge of your roof to determine the best approach to fixing those areas.

Roof Edges

Pay careful attention to the edges of your roof system. You may notice holes or gaps that animals use to get in and out. If you notice gaps and holes, have a professional repair them for you so they are secure against the threat of wildlife invasions. A technician can pinpoint weak areas along the edge of your roof to determine the best approach to fixing those areas.


The chimney of your home is similar to a hollow tree trunk. Therefore, wild animals will often make themselves right at home within the confines of your chimney. It is important that you do not light a fire in the fireplace until you are sure there are no animals in your chimney. Doing so could cause the animal to suffer, especially if it has babies.

Have a professional check your chimney to make sure it is free and clear of animals, including raccoons. If there are no animals present, have the professional secure your chimney so raccoons and other animals cannot get in. Typically, a technician will place a chimney cap, which is a grate that allow smoke from the fire place to go up and out, but does not let animals in.

Methods of Prevention That You Can Do

There are methods of prevention that you can carry out to make sure your home is not attractive to wildlife. Raccoons will invade spaces where there is an abundance of food, water, and shelter. Once you ensure they cannot enter your home, you remove their source of shelter. However, you must also make sure you do not provide easy access to food and water.

  • If you have outdoor pets, make sure you do not leave the food and water bowls sitting outside as it may attract raccoons and other wildlife
  • Never put food down for the purpose of feeding local wildlife since they will keep coming back, and the food you feed them could make them sick
  • Make sure you place garbage bags in securely barrels with secure, preferably locking, lids
  • Treat your lawn to ensure there are no grubs living in the soil since raccoons absolutely love to eat grubs and will dig up your lawn to find them
  • Remove ripened fruit from trees immediately since ripe fruit can provide a delicious source of food for a hungry raccoon

You should also make sure you address damages to the exterior of your home. A damaged home exterior can provide raccoons with an easy way in.

  • Walk around and expect the interior of your home for signs of roofing damage, and address any damages you see immediately, such as damaged soffits, vents, roofing tiles, or shingles
  • Seal off cracks, gaps, and holes immediately so animals do not use them as a way to gain access to your attic
  • Hire us so we can provide you with professional proofing and prevention and one of our trained technicians will ensure that your home stays raccoon-free

Finally, avoid the DIY approach. The Internet is full of information you can use to handle your own raccoon removal, prevention, and proofing. However, if you are not properly trained, you could put yourself at risk of harm or illness. Raccoons carry diseases that they can transmit to humans. It is best to just steer clear and let a professional handle the job.

We are more than happy to provide you with raccoon proofing and prevention solutions to ensure that your home and attic are secure and free from the threat of raccoon invasions. We also, offer insulation removal and attic cleaning services.


We solve raccoon problems every day. All our technicians know exactly what to look for and will find all entry points and weak spots during our initial thorough inspection of your property.


Once entry points are found we attach a one way door to allow raccoons exit but not re-entry.  It is the humane way and within a few days the raccoon will use the door to exit your space.


Other entry points are sealed to make sure there is no other way in. We will recommend strengthening weak spots to avoid any wildlife problems in the future.

Secure Transactions

Guaranteed Service

Every job we do is guaranteed. All our exclusion work is backed by a 2 year warranty. If animals break back in through our work within two years we return at no additional charge. While we cannot be responsible for work we have not performed if our work is compromised for whatever reason it is covered by warranty. Structure depreciate, animals can be persistent but we stand by our work.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Shield is committed to the humane treatment of animals. We make sure that no animals are harmed or stressed during our removal process. Most wildlife problems can be solved using one way doors and exclusion. We take extra care to make sure no animal babies are harmed. We do this work every day all year long and our technicians are trained to deal with even the most challenging situations.

2 Year Warranty On Our Work

All our wildlife control services that include exclusion services are backed by a guarantee and a 2 year warranty. Squirrel removal, raccoon removal and skunk removal services included. If animals break in through our work during the warranty period we return to rectify the situation at no additional charge.

Raccoon Prevention

Raccoons outside your home can eat food you left out for your pets, tear up your gardens, eat the fruit and vegetables you worked hard to grow, and get into your trash cans. While all of that sounds like quite a nuisance, it is also the least of your problems.

Raccoons can find their way inside your home. They commonly invade attics and chimneys in search of a place they can call home. Urban living continues to expand into natural habitats, which forces wildlife to adapt among human populations. As such, they will sometimes make a home for themselves within your house.

Unfortunately, raccoons can damage your home, create noises that prove disruptive, and pose hazardous to your health. Therefore, the best way to keep raccoons out of your home is to use raccoon prevention and proofing. Understanding the best approach to prevention and proofing can help protect your home against intrusive raccoons.

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