We at Wildlife Shield provide you the best and most reliable bird proofing and bird removal solutions. Our techniques are safe and we only use humane methods to remove and relocate birds from your property. Keeping birds such as Pigeons, Starlings, Sparrows, Canadian geese and others. We keep them away from your with effective bird control and removal solutions. Bird Invasions- An Unwarranted Dilemma Pest birds do not invade homes and commercial properties in ones or twos. You will usually have a whole flock invading and this makes getting rid of them very difficult. Homeowners face serious problems with such bird invasions, as these birds are noisy, messy and unhygienic and pose serious health threats to people living in the area. Corporate property owners are constantly faced with lawsuits and liability claims due to slip and fall accidents caused at work, as a result of the droppings left behind by these birds. Employees can also make claims for any diseases acquired as a result of such bird droppings. It is simply better to get rid of any bird invasions, before it gets bigger or more serious in nature.

Commercial Bird Control

Birds invade commercial properties and as such buildings and structures provide more nesting options. We offer a variety of options for commercial large scale projects. You can read more about our commercial services here.

Residential Bird Control

We provide affordable and efficient residential bird control options to help you keep pest bird invasions at bay. We focus on all kinds of nesting area possibilities and seal these potential nesting spots. While the Canadian goose usually invades outdoor properties; pigeons, starlings, sparrows and grackles are known to invade and nest in both, indoor and outdoor areas. We can help control bird invasions, no matter what breed of pest bird or what area around your home, they are likely to invade. Pigeons Pigeons are a common sighting around public places and are often seen in close proximity to humans. These birds are quite a nuisance as they invade homes and commercial properties, deface structures and pose serious health threats to humans.  Pigeons are known carriers of disease spreading parasites and their feces harbor bacteria that spread illnesses such as Ornithosis, Histoplasmosis and Salmonella to name a few. Their droppings are highly corrosive and are alone responsible for property damages of over millions of dollars each year. A pigeon matures at 7 months of age and can lay eggs approximately seven to eight times a year. They can breed throughout the year and are hence always on the lookout for nesting spots. Read more about our pigeon removal services. Starlings Starlings too are common pest birds that invade homes and other buildings. Buildings or structures that present vacant spaces serve as perfect nesting spots for these dotted black birds. These birds are known to expel other submissive birds from their nesting spots so they can take over their nesting spots. They deface buildings with their caustic droppings and their nests are known to clog pipes and drainages, leading to water damages. This eventually leads to extensive property damages and the repairs cost a lot. Sparrows Sparrows invade urban areas in search of food, safety and shelter. Their unpleasant lifestyle and eating habits create unwarranted nuisances to property owners, where these birds nest. They may seem rather small in their appearance, but the amount of mess and damages caused by them is colossal. Sparrows build unnecessarily large nests, usually in downpipes and gutters, causing water clogging and electric short-circuits. This could result in costly water damages and even house fires. Canadian Geese Over the last 2 decades, the Canadian geese population is on a constant rise. These large birds invade private and public properties and cause a great load of damages with their droppings. These birds also pose serious health perils due to the disease spreading bacteria and fungus present in their droppings that could contaminate water and other open food sources. Due to their large structures, these birds are rarely afraid of humans and tend to even get aggressive and charge humans when they feel threatened. They are also responsible for a number of accidents caused by humans slipping on their droppings and experiencing injurious falls. Wildlife Shield Bird Control For any bird related queries and Bird Control Services you can contact Wildlife Shield 7 days a week. Our services are guaranteed to deal with your bird infestation problems, and at affordable rates too. Call us at 647-560-3988 and speak to our technician who will book an inspection appointment. Post the inspection we will provide you with detailed integrated bird removal and control options to suit your every need.

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