Raccoon control solutions in Toronto.Raccoon removal Toronto. Professional raccoon removal and exclusion services by Wildlife Shield. Our technicians provide permanent solutions to raccoon problems. First we remove the animals either manually or by trapping. Then we secure your property so that raccoons can’t enter again. For permanent raccoon removal and transparent pricing please call: 647-560-3988.

All work comes guaranteed and is covered by our  2 year warranty.

raccoon trappingRaccoon Removal Services

Raccoons frequently enter attics, garages, soffits or any other space they can turn into their temporary home. Such intrusion can cause problems as raccoons can cause significant amounts of damage to roofs or other parts of your house. Overtime, a raccoon problem can lead to other issues as more wild animals can enter a space, animals such as squirrels, rats or mice. We will capture and remove the animals and seal all holes so that other cannot come in. The best solution to a raccoon problem is removal and exclusion. To get them out and keep them out. Trapping or propper use of one-way doors can do the trick. If you have wild animals living in your attic call us for  a consultation. 647-560-3988.

raccoons through ventRaccoons in the Attic

Warm and dark attics make perfect hiding places for raccoons. Female raccoons break in during late winter to have their litters during the early spring. Attics are warm, they are dry, secure, and shielded from the elements. Female raccoons have a powerful instinct when they automatically seek out safe, enclosed places, especially when they are pregnant. It is very common to get a female raccoon about to produce young to make its way and make into an attic.

Raccoons are exceptional climbers, they are quite powerful, plus they have quite nimble hands. The raccoon don’t have any trouble entering any attic they select, on nearly every house. Most times, the raccoon has picked an attic depending on closeness or convenience with their regular home range.

raccoon-one-way-doorThe attic can be entered from various points. The most famous region is any location where an eave meets up against some architectural curve leading segments of the roof, including a dormer, or a roof section of your home. Other entrance places that are quite common are roof vents, gable vents, and soffit vents. Occasionally raccoons will  just tear through wooden roof, right to the attic from the shingles – they’re not that weak. Click the link for more pictures of raccoon entrance points.

Raccoons Under the Deck

Raccoons frequently make their way under decks. They use the tight space under decks to sleep at night, usually during the warmer months. Keeping them out is imperative as they will contaminate the area with feces and other debris and animal matter. Getting them out is the first step, keeping them out is the next. We utilize a variety of techniques to get them out. We then seal the deck so that no other animal can get under.

Deck Exclusion
Before During
 raccoon-under-deck  deck-exclusion

The space under the deck can be used by raccoons, skunks and other wildlife in the warmer months. We get them out and seal the deck with heavy duty mesh so that no matter how determined no animal can get under again. Weather the deck is on the ground or elevated we can help.

elevated deck

Raccoons in the Chimney

raccoon-in-chimneyChimneys are like hollow trees to wildlife. It is an ideal place for a raccoon to nurse babies. Once there, the animals will make a home out of your fireplace damper. Screening off the chimney will prevent any animals from entering. We apply a one way door to allow animals exit. Once they are out, we return, remove the door and cap off the chimney.


Raccoon Proofing

We provide a variety of services. From simple installation of wire mesh and one way doors to complete wildlife proofing of an entire property. In other words strengthening the entire structure against even the most curious raccoons. Such a service would necessitate the installation of chimney caps, strengthening of siding as well as removal of any tree branches that might assist wildlife.

wildlife-protectionWildlife Protection Plans

We are experts in applying techniques to reduce conflicts between wildlife and humans. Our technicians are trained and educated in wildlife management and can employ techniques that other wildlife removal companies cannot. For example, while anyone can relocate a wild animal like a raccoon within a 1km radius, a licensed trapper can permanently remove animals. We have the resource and know-how and are allowed to completely remove animals. We provide the best defense in dealing with wildlife.

Disinfecting and Deodorizing

We do have the expertise and equipment to provide services that will destroy all the pathogens and scents that raccoons leave behind. Anything from local spot treatment to full insulation removal and attic remediation.

raccoon-damageRaccoon Damage

It just gets worse with time.The longer you leave a raccoon situation unattended the damage will just getting worse. Raccoons are wild animals and will continue to make larger entry points, extensive contamination and not to mention the ongoing irritation of having wild animals living in your space. Roof holes will get larger and new entry points will be created as new animals follow the scent trail that previous animals have created. Older structures with unaptaded roofs are more prone to receive more damage. The strength of the animal and the natural curiosity drives them to cause more damage. More damage means higher repair cost. The cost will include the cost to get the animals out and then it will be followed by the cost of having roofers or professional roof repair technicians to seal things up.

Don’t let the problem get worse. Call us for a consultation. We can guide you through the process and do what is needed to get them out and keep them out. Call us: 647-560-3988