18 Feb

Why Encouraging Birds Can Be a Problem

It is often a beautiful sight to watch birds in flight or frequenting the town square or a tourist location, feeding off grains scattered by passersby. However, in close proximity, birds can prove to be quite a nuisance. Whether they are simply perched on the ledge, roosting or setting up their nests, birds not only cause a ruckus by their presence, but can prove to be hazardous otherwise too. Professional bird removal services utilize nets, spikes and other means to take away their space.

Even in urban areas with a high density of human population, birds have adapted themselves to the surroundings, setting up their nests even in high rise buildings and making just about every remote corner of properties their own. While it is initially a soothing feeling to have birds around, this very soon turns into a problem.

Why Birds are a Nuisance

In the urban landscape, it is often refreshing to notice birds in action. However, allow them to live in close proximity, and they are bound to turn into a problem for you. Birds like swallows, sparrows, pigeons, crows and starlings, gulls and grackles are all known pests even in the city.

Among these, pigeons are especially known for the damages they cause. The uric acid present in the feces of pigeons is highly corrosive. Vehicles that are parked below their roosting or nesting points, fire escapes or just about any other metallic object that comes in contact with the droppings of pigeons is always at a risk of sustaining cosmetic or more serious damage.

Pigeons, as well as other birds are a constant menace when they choose to perch outside your window. Spreading a nasty smell with their droppings, fluttering about when disturbed in the middle of the night, clogging gutters and pipes, or overwhelming the area in large numbers – birds can indeed cause a lot of problems.

Apart from the usual nuisance, the nests these as well as other birds build clogging drains and sewers is a serious issue, and ends up costing home and commercial property owners, high costs in maintenance. The damage to the facades and other areas of the property as well as regular cleaning costs also add up to additional financial losses.

Bird Feeders

Not to mention problems with bird feeders. While attracting birds for watching can be an excellent hobby more often other birds like pigeons reap the rewards. Not to mention that when the birds spill the seeds on the ground other pests like rats can also start to frequent your property. And having a bird problem can be tricky while having a rat problem will eventually require professional rat extermination.

When Do I Need to Hire Bird Control Services?

Birds prove to be a nuisance as soon as they begin to frequent a property but many of us often ignore the problem or try to overlook the damage. Until the real damage begins, few of us don’t even notice these flying pests. However, birds like swallows, pigeons, sparrows and crows are all known to create some problem or the other when roosting or setting up their nests, and it is always wise to tackle the problem as soon as it begins.  

Pest control companies like Wildlife Shield are often called to rein in a bird infestation that has gotten out of hand and usually, these professionals are the only ones who can handle the issue effectively. After all, it is often illegal to shoot birds or harm them in any way and licensed exterminators and trappers not only know the right way to go about it, but also finish the job in an effective manner.

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