18 Feb

Why Encouraging Birds Can Be a Problem

It is often a beautiful sight to watch birds in flight or frequenting the town square or a tourist location, feeding off grains scattered by passersby. However, in close proximity, birds can prove to be quite a nuisance. Whether they are simply perched on the ledge, roosting or setting up their nests, birds not only cause a ruckus by their presence, but can prove to be hazardous otherwise too. Professional bird removal services utilize nets, spikes and other means to take away their space. Read More

05 Apr

Osprey Nest on Cell Tower – Bird Control

osprey, osprey nest, tower climbing

Part of what makes our job interesting is working in close proximity to wild animals. Raccoons and squirrels are one thing, but getting in close quarters with a full grown osprey on the peak of a 250 foot tower is an exhilarating experience. We often get called out to solve such conflicts on telecom towers. We offer a wide range of commercial bird control services. Read More