16 Feb

Why Pigeons Are No Lesser Pests than Even Rats

In some parts of the world, pigeons have proven to be such pests that they are referred to as rats with wings! Now, while those who watch pigeons from afar might find them charming, those who live in close proximity to these birds are usually the ones with a clearer picture on how troublesome they can be. They can cause a lot of damage over time and all bird pests need to be removed.

Apart from the nuisance pigeons are capable of causing simply by their presence outside your window, they are also capable of a lot more. Their nesting and roosting habits pose several problems, from the damage caused by their acidic droppings to the clogging of drains due to their nests.

On the health front too, pigeons prove to be quite a serious hazard. The birds carry some dangerous diseases in their bodies, which they are quite capable of passing on to humans. Moreover, even their dried droppings can cause symptoms like flu in some people. Those with low immunity can experience even more serious effects.

Therefore, while pigeons may look endearing fluttering about in a tourist location, they are certainly as troublesome and dangerous as rats when living in close proximity.

Why are Pigeons Considered Troublesome Pests?

There are several aspects associated with pigeons as well as their roosting and nesting habits that prove to be a bother. These birds have adapted themselves to the changing landscape and even in densely populated cities, are often found in large numbers.

Now, while it seems romantic to see flocks of pigeon flying about, lending a refreshing hue to an otherwise monotonous city landscape, the trouble they cause as well as the health concerns associated with them certainly do not give them a good reputation.

Firstly, the roosting and nesting habits of pigeons cause several problems on the property front. While their presence in large numbers is enough to cause a nuisance, their nests are often found clogging drains and sewers, thus increasing the maintenance costs of a property. Moreover, the dirt that gets accumulated due to their presence as well as the serious problem of their droppings is another cause for concern on the maintenance front.

The fresh droppings of pigeons are highly acidic in nature due to the presence of Uric Acid, which makes them a hazard to parked cars as well as buildings facades. Often, a building that has a pigeon population will end up stinking badly due to the stench of the pigeons as well as their droppings, making living condition miserable.

Even when dry, these droppings cause problems on the health front. The spores from the dried feces of pigeons can induce flu-like symptoms in people, and those with lower immunity levels could experience even more serious effects.

Other Health Hazards

Pigeons may look clean and well-groomed, but they surely do not come up clean on the health front. Some of the serious diseases and condition that pigeons are capable of inducing in humans are Food Poisoning, Toxoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Salmonella. While their droppings pose several health concerns too, the fungal growth due to these droppings may induce histoplasmosis too.

Moreover, pigeons also carry several kinds of fleas, mites, lice and ticks on their bodies, which in turn are capable of causing even more health issues.

Therefore, when considers all the problems pigeons are capable of causing, they surely deserve the title of rats with wings!

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