13 Feb

One-Way Squirrel Exclusion Door – How it Works

one way door for squirrel

A one way exclusion door is a simple, humane and effective way of getting rid of squirrels in Toronto and is preferred by many wildlife removal experts. It is used as part of a comprehensive squirrel removal plan and works well for most places squirrels like to hide including in attics, under sheds and in crawl spaces.

How a One-way Exclusion Door Works

The concept is simple. The one way door is actually more of a contraption and looks a lot like your regular squirrel wire trap. It is open on both ends and has a spring-loaded door close to one end. The contraption installs flash on the wall over the hole that the squirrels use to get in and out of your house.

The spring-loaded door lifts easily and lets the squirrel through. The door however only swings one way so the animal cannot find its way back through the trap and to the hole. The other end is open, allowing the squirrel to leave and find a new home. The trap is uninstalled after all the squirrels leave the nest and the exit/entry hole sealed permanently with metal flashing or galvanized steel mesh.

Call a Wild Life Removal Expert to Get Rid of Squirrels

A one-way exclusion door is deceptively simple to use but the reality is there are many moving parts to successful squirrel exclusion.

First, you need to inspect the nest to find out if there are baby squirrels. The babies will most certainly die from starvation or dehydration if you separate them from the mother. The excluded mother will try everything in her power to get back in the nest if she finds herself locked out. This often means severe structural damage as the desperate squirrel tries to find or make an alternative way inside.

You also need to seal all other entry holes with metal flashing or galvanized steel for the one-way door work properly. Squirrels can squeeze through impossibly small holes so it is very easy to miss potential entryways.

Finally, you need to clean and sanitize the nest that the squirrels have been occupying. The odor may attract other wildlife while the feces and urine carry many diseases.

A wildlife removal expert in Toronto includes all this work in his quote. Only an expert can guarantee that the exclusion is safe, successful and permanent. Make sure you get a warranty of at least two years before you agree to the removal service.