21 Dec

How to Get Skunk Smell Out of House

Skunk spray is one of the most potent and awful smells imaginable and is even worse when coming from inside your house. Skunk smell often has the same effects as pepper spray causing your nasal passages to constrict and making it difficult to breathe.

The smell comes from methyl mercaptan which the skunk carries in glands near its anus. The animal carries roughly a tablespoon of this oily liquid in its glands; enough to spray up to six times. Signs that a skunk is about to spray include the animal starts hissing, growling, stamps its feet, raises its tail and turns its back.

If the skunk smell is in the house, the first course of action is to find the source of the smell. It is crucial that you find exactly where the skunk sprayed so you can concentrate your cleaning here. You can trace the area by following the odor to where it is strongest. Mix vinegar with your soap and water.

Wash yourself or clean your pet as soon as possible if either of you has been sprayed. You may need to keep your dog outside until you can clean it. Throw away any clothes that have skunk oil on them. Use a mixture of dish soap, vinegar and baking soda to wash your pet. You may need to wash your body or your pet several times before the smell will go completely.

Turn on the fan while cleaning and open all windows for as long as it takes for the smell to leave the house. You may also need to change air filters in your air conditioning units since the odor may have soaked in them.

Hire Wildlife Removal Company

Skunk odor is extremely stubborn and there is little chance you will manage to get rid of it completely on your own. Hiring a professional cleaning company is always an option but it is best to hire a wildlife removal company instead.

Wildlife removal experts in Toronto have experience dealing with skunk spray because of the nature of their work. They have professional-grade cleaning products and techniques specifically designed for this problem.

Removing the skunk smell from your home may be an urgent problem but not necessarily the most important one. The skunk (possibly more) may still be on your property and there is a good chance that the incident will occur again. The wildlife control expert will investigate if this is the case and take the necessary measure to remove the skunks permanently.

Hire a company that offers a warranty for the job especially if you need skunk removal services in addition to the cleaning. One or two year warranty is routine in this industry. Call Wildlife Shield: 647-560-3988 we are committed to the humane treatment of animals.

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