02 Jan

Skunk Trapping Tips – Should You Do it Yourself

Skunks can wreck havoc on your property whether it is digging holes in your yard or destroying your deck or shed at the entry point. The biggest problem for homeowners however is the skunk odor. Small children and pets are most vulnerable to getting sprayed although adults are equally at risk. Trapping is one of the most commonly used methods for skunk removal and a few tips may be helpful should you choose to do the skunk removal yourself. Read More

21 Dec

How to Get Skunk Smell Out of House

Skunk spray is one of the most potent and awful smells imaginable and is even worse when coming from inside your house. Skunk smell often has the same effects as pepper spray causing your nasal passages to constrict and making it difficult to breathe.

The smell comes from methyl mercaptan which the skunk carries in glands near its anus. The animal carries roughly a tablespoon of this oily liquid in its glands; enough to spray up to six times. Signs that a skunk is about to spray include the animal starts hissing, growling, stamps its feet, raises its tail and turns its back. Read More

18 Dec

Get Rid of Skunks Under Shed

Unlike most animals which use camouflage, skunks have bold black and white colors. This however doesn’t make them an easy target. Most predators know the dangers of getting sprayed by a skunk including temporary blindness and overwhelming scent. These animals can spray up to 15 feet although their accurate range is about 7 feet.

Skunks under the deck are an obvious concern for all home owners and pets. The best way to get rid of skunks in this case is using a one-way door to evict the skunks humanely. Read More

16 Dec

Dog Sprayed By Skunk – What to Do

Dogs are curious animals by nature. They often go off in exploration and come back smelling obnoxious. However, a particularly offensive smell that your dog may encounter is that of skunk spray. The word skunk is enough to make any dog owner feel a sense of trepidation.

The smell of skunk spray seems near impossible to remove and is so repugnant that it may send you running in the other direction. Fortunately, there are ways to remove the smell of skunk from your dog, but don’t forget to call skunk removal TorontoRead More

06 Apr

Removing Skunks From Under a Shed – Skunk Removal

Skunks burrow in dens underground. They do so in residential areas because they can find easy access to food and shelter. In this video you will see us working on getting a skunk from under a deck and placing the necessary measures to make sure that the skunks won’t be able to get back in. Call us for professional skunk removal. Read More

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