23 Dec

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Yard

There is no shortage of suggestions to raccoon removal in Toronto. Solutions range from the plausible such as leaving a waterproof radio outside, set to a talk show to dupe raccoons into thinking there is human activity; to the ridiculous such as spreading human hair and nails around your yard because raccoons are reportedly afraid of humans.

The truth is raccoons are highly intelligent animals and well adapted to living with humans so these tricks and hacks don’t work. The best you can do is figure out what is attracting wildlife to your yard in the first place and then eliminate or manage these attractions.

So what are raccoons attracted to?

Trash Cans

Raccoons are omnivorous and will eat almost anything making your trash cans great sources of food. These animals also have dexterous paws and strong claws allowing them to rip garbage bags, tip over trash cans and remove garbage lids.

Keep your garbage cans in your garage or other secured enclosure until pick-up days whenever possible. If the garbage cans must be outside, secure the lids with stretchable cords or straps and secure the cans to the ground so they can’t be tipped over.

Garden Beds

Your outdoor garden provides rich pickings for raccoons. These animals love sweet corn, grapes, berries, melons and common garden vegetables. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so you rarely catch them in the act of destroying your garden. You may need to install an electric fence around the garden or use certified raccoon repellent.


Raccoons especially love ripe fruit such as peaches, plumps and apples. Make it difficult for the animals to get their treats by picking up fallen fruit as quickly as possible. Prune the lower limbs and those near roofs or fences to make it difficult for the raccoons to climb. It may also help to wrap sheet metal around tree trunks at least four feet high to make it impossible for the animals to climb.

Outdoor Structures

Undisturbed outdoor structures such as an empty doghouse, garage or shed offer a safe, warm and ideal home for raccoons to breed. There are strict laws about trapping and transporting raccoons and other wildlife in Toronto so a one-way exclusion door is your best option. Seal all possible entry points to the structure leaving only one where you install a one-way door. This door allows the raccoons to leave the nest to go foraging but the only swings one-way so the raccoons can’t come back in.

Call a Wildlife Control Expert

These methods are effective but generally hit-or-miss since it is difficult to ascertain exactly what is attracting wildlife to your garden. A wildlife control expert has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw from to identify the problem and remedy the situation accordingly.

Keep in mind that raccoons typically shelter in outdoor structures to breed. Installing a one way door may separate a raccoon from its young. This may cause additional problems including dead baby raccoons and extensive structural damage as a desperate mother attempts to reunite with its young.

A wildlife control expert is able to handle a raccoon and its young, perform permanent raccoon exclusion and ensure raccoons and other wildlife stay out of your yard for good. Hire a wildlife control company in Toronto that offers a warranty for its work.

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