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How Would Your Pick A Raccoon Removal Company

How Would Your Pick A Raccoon Removal Company

Hiring a raccoon removal company in Toronto is definitely the right thing to do if you have raccoons present in or around your house. DIY removal almost always ends in failure and is dangerous both for you and for the wildlife.

Picking the right company doesn’t have to be time-consuming, confusing or frustrating as long as you have covered a few basic areas. Many homeowners might want to consider the price of the service but this should only come into consideration once all other aspects have been satisfied.

Choosing the Best Raccoon Removal Company

The Appropriate Service

Make sure that you are hiring a raccoon removal company and not a pest control company or wildlife control company. The difference may be subtle but critical. A raccoon removal company covers a far wider scope including removing the animals, repairing damage, cleaning and disinfecting the nest and wildlife-proofing your home.

Humane Wildlife Removal

The key word when dealing with wildlife is the humane approach. Make sure that the company uses best practices, specific exclusion. Sometimes trapping is unavoidable but this too should be humane. Paw-traps and lethal traps are out of the question. Watching a starving, dehydrated or exhausted raccoon attempting to get out of its trap can be traumatizing. If trapping is absolutely necessary, confirm that an expert will be available to regularly check the traps and that the trap won’t harm or injure the coon in any way.


Ensure that the raccoon removal expert is appropriately trained and properly licensed to do the job. Check that the company has insurance to cover any injury or damage that may take place while working on your property. Although such cases are rare, you don’t want to be liable in the unfortunate event of an injury, death or damage to your property.

Scope of Service

Confirm the specific tasks are included in the service before signing the contract. Raccoon removal is only one part of a successful outcome. You also need wildlife-proofing to ensure that the animals don’t come back, cleaning after the eviction to prevent diseases and attracting other wildlife and finally repairing the damage that the animals might have caused. A good raccoon removal companies in Canada include these services in its price in addition to any special requirements that your situation may demand.


Finally, a warranty is a must, preferably for two years after the job. Raccoon removal is complicated and difficult even for experts and you shouldn’t have to pay any more than is necessary for the event the animals return. A good warranty also means that the expert stands by his work and will be happy to return as many times as is necessary to guarantee a successful and permanent outcome.

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