22 May

Raccoons – Where Do They Live In Cities

Raccoons - Where Do They Live In Cities

Most people think that raccoons only live in the country, but they can be also found in the cities all across the country. Cities are great spots for raccoons because they offer plenty of sheltered places for raccoons to hole up and nest.

In the country, you’ll find raccoons in trees and other secluded areas, but in cities, they tend to seek shelter in places like sheds, attics and barns. Once they find a spot that they like, they’ll tend to stay there for the long-term. Raccoons prefer to find cozy places to have babies.

What Do Raccoons Look For In Their Shelters?

Initially it might seem like cities offer far fewer options for raccoon shelters than the country, but generally, that’s not true. Cities are full of places where raccoons can find refuge. Can raccoon live in sewers?

Raccoons Like Places That Are Quiet

Raccoons don’t like the sound of human voices. Generally, they see humans as predators and will associate the sound of people with danger. Raccoons will generally seek out quieter places where they can feel safe. That’s why abandoned sheds, barns, sewers and attics are ideal locations for them. People rarely come by, and the raccoons can enjoy some quiet time to themselves.

Raccoons Like Places That Are Safe From The Elements

If a raccoon is making a nest it will look for a place that’s generally warmer and drier than other spots. This is exactly why raccoons like attics so much. Attics are nice and warm, dry, and full of spots for raccoons to hide, which is why they’ll often gravitate towards them.

Raccoons Make Nests Away From Predators

Like any other animal, raccoons need to find spaces that are far away from predators. This is especially true if they are creating a nest for their young. Common predators include coyotes, dogs and cougars. Raccoons will generally perceive humans as predators too, which is why they tend to make their nests in more secluded spots.

When Raccoons Make Their Home Near You

Raccoons are largely considered to be pests and are fairly difficult to get rid of by yourself. Ontario laws forbid you to kill or unnecessarily harm wild animals like raccoons. Additionally, if you try to get rid of raccoons by yourself you run the risk of injury.

Raccoons can be dangerous if they are alarmed or feel threatened. They will not hesitate to bite or scratch, and can even transmit infectious diseases to humans. It’s very important to be careful around raccoons and call in the professionals if you need to get rid of them. Professional raccoon removal technicians are well versed in Ontario’s laws regarding animals like raccoons. They can remove them safely without harming the raccoons, and ensure that they stay gone for good.

If a family of raccoons makes their home near you, don’t try to handle them yourself. Always err on the side of caution and call in the wildlife experts. You’ll be happy that you took this extra step to ensure that you and your family were safe!