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What Do Raccoons Eat In The City

What Do Raccoons Eat In The City

Raccoons are known as being scavengers and their reputation is well deserved. Whether you find them in the country or lurking in the city, raccoons can be seen wherever there is food around. Rest assured that they will not be picky when it comes to their diets, which is why it’s important for you to raccoon-proof your trash. You can do this fairly easily by securing the lid with bungee cords or heavy rock, using lights to deter raccoons, or sprinkling some ammonia on your bags.

Raccoons will eat pretty much any type of trash, but they prefer a mix of grains, vegetables, insects, rats, and fish. Depending on where the raccoons live, they might enjoy a diet of worms or crayfish. Some raccoons will even eat squirrels.
If you have trash that smells especially potent, you run the risk of having raccoons sniffing around your garbage bins. It does not matter how well you take care of your garbage; if raccoons think that they can get a quick meal by breaking into your cans, they’ll try to do so. Some of the things that attract raccoons most are strong-smelling food, meat, and dairy products. If you love to get take-out, you can expect to find raccoons sniffing around the styrofoam containers.

Another sure-fire way to get the attention of raccoons is to have your trash lying out in the open. Not securing bags tightly will attract these pests no matter what is inside. Remember, raccoons are scavengers and will go for the path of least resistance. They will try to eat any food that is unsecured and left out, so always make sure that you tie up your trash bags properly.

If you find that you have a raccoon problem it’s important to not try to handle it by yourself. Ontario has very strict rules regarding the management of wild animals, and that includes raccoons. You can’t kill or unnecessarily hurt them. You are also not able to trap them for prolonged periods of time. It can be very frustrating to find out that you have a raccoon problem, but don’t despair. Raccoons are a common pest and can be dealt with effectively if you call in a professional wildlife company:  647-560-3988

Professional companies are adept at dealing with raccoon problems in a humane and effective way that is good for the animals and keeps your home pest free. There are plenty of ways to deter raccoons, starting with basic garbage maintenance that prompts the creatures to look elsewhere for their meals.

If raccoons make your garbage cans their preferred restaurant, they might start eyeing up other areas of your house. They could possibly get into your shed or even attic. If raccoons infiltrate these spaces they can cause major structural damage and be very difficult to get rid of. Additionally, raccoons pose some threats to people in terms of bites, scratches and transmitting infections. You should call a professional raccoon removal Toronto company when you realize that raccoons are taking a liking to your garbage cans because it’s never too early to stave off an infestation.