08 Sep

Squirrel Nest in Chimney – What to Do

You may have heard scratching, fighting and chattering in your chimney or smelled the pungent odour of squirrel droppings. Squirrel in the chimney in Toronto is actually fairly common. The chimney looks a lot like a hollow tree so the critter will naturally want to nest in it. Some fall in by accident and can’t climb out especially if the tube flue is made from slick metal. Whatever the case, you need to remove the squirrels as soon as possible.

How to Remove Squirrels from the Chimney

Do not light a fire to chase the squirrel out. You might roast the animals alive, especially baby squirrels that are unable to climb up the chimney and out of danger. A frightened squirrel may also try to escape down the chimney and into your house. Lighting a fire or using smoke is inhumane. Keep in mind that it is illegal to kill or harm wildlife in Toronto; squirrels are protected wildlife.

A great alternative is to drop a heavy rope down the chimney to allow trapped squirrels to get out. The animals may want to get out in the first place but the surface is too slick to climb out. Inspect the chimney periodically and remove the rope once you are sure they have left.

If you are sure that the squirrels are nesting in the chimney, bock all holes that they can use to get in and leave only the top of the flue open. Install a one-way door which will let the animals out but will block them from entering.

Inspect your chimney with a flashlight to make sure there are no babies left inside. If there are, wear a thick glove and remove them by hand.

Why You Should Hire a Wildlife Removal Expert

Although removing squirrels from the chimney is not exactly difficult, baby squirrels are of particular concern. If you separate the mother from the babies, the latter will die from dehydration and starvation. The excluded mother will literally tear your roof apart if she realizes she cannot get back to her litter after a night of foraging.

You also need to clean and disinfect the chimney and any other areas where the squirrels have been. Squirrel droppings and urine give off a pungent odour which soaks into your furniture, walls, upholstery and other places. There is also the risk of contracting airborne diseases present in the animal’s droppings and urine. Cleaning the inside of a chimney is not easy.

Hire a wildlife removal expert in Toronto to get rid of the squirrels and babies safely and humanely. The expert will also clean up the mess left behind and fix any damage the animals might have caused. He will also help to seal your home so you don’t have to deal with this kind of problem again in future. Ensure you get a warranty of at least two years for the removal service.

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