20 Jul

In The Midst of The Corona Pandemic: The Return of The Bubonic Plague?

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in an Attic

On July 11, 2020, it was reported that a squirrel was tested positive. This might come as a shock where we are in a world still coming to grips with the ongoing battle against the novel Coronavirus said to have originated in Wuhan, China, 2019, last year. With the death toll rising around the world each and every day, breaking record after record, the news of a possible return of the bubonic plague cannot have come at a much worse time than this. Responsible for millions of deaths across the European continent in the Middle Ages, The Black Death was one of the worst outbreaks recorded in history.

Now with a squirrel testing positive in the American state of Colorado, the town of Morrison where the news broke out has become the talk of the town marking it the first case in the country in 2020. Jefferson County Colorado Public Health has released a statement that it was indeed the case, and warns that humans are at risk of being infected “…through bites from infected fleas, by the cough from an infected animal or by direct contact (e.g., through a bite) with blood or tissues of infected animals….” the official site states. Even though the chances of being infected from the plague remain relatively low due to advancements in medicine we have made throughout the decades, the following case reported five days later proves that the chances of getting infected are still a very real possibility. On July 16th, a Colorado man was tested positive for the bubonic plague said to have been in contact with sick squirrels. Officials assure that the public should proceed with normal precautions as findings of the disease can be treated rapidly with the help of modern antibiotics. It is interesting to note that the bubonic plague has been around in Colorado since the 1940s. As both Ontario and Colorado both enjoy a thriving wildlife presence, precaution must be followed by avoiding all contact with wildlife especially squirrels, prairie dogs, raccoons, and other types of rodents who are notorious for carrying a gamut of viruses and diseases along with them wherever they go. Make sure not to attract any wildlife near or on your property by sealing your garbage bins and throwing out trash appropriately.  

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