14 Jun

What Home Remedy Keeps Squirrels Away

what home remedy keeps squirrels

Squirrels can pose a big problem for homeowners. These cute little creatures might be absolutely adorable when they’re climbing in the trees in your backyard, but once they get a little bit too comfortable they can really cause headaches for you and your family. If you suspect that you have a squirrel infestation it’s important for you to call in the experts.
Ontario has very strict laws pertaining to the humane treatment of wildlife. You are prohibited from unnecessarily killing or injuring these creatures, and you can only trap them for a small period of time. If you try to handle a squirrel infestation yourself, you could hurt the squirrels, break the laws, and even sustain some injuries yourself. Squirrels are wild animals and will treat humans that encroach on their area as a threat, even if they invaded your space in the first place.

Professional companies that deal with wildlife removal have sure-fire ways to remove the squirrels without damaging them, or putting you at risk. Everyone wins. There are a few things that you can do to make your home less attractive to squirrels in the first place. Take these preventative measures and head off an infestation before it begins.

Scatter mothballs in your attic. Squirrels do not like the smell of mothballs and will avoid any area that is full of them. Squirrels, like most wild animals, are opportunists who will take the path of least resistance. If your attic is full of mothballs but your neighbour’s attic is mothball free, they will go to your neighbour’s attic every time.

Try natural remedies to deter squirrels. There are certain scents that squirrels do not like, such as vinegar and pepper. Peppermint is also a huge irritant for squirrels, so scenting some cotton balls with this fragrance will keep them away. As an added bonus, most people love the scent of peppermint, so your home will smell pleasant to you and be less appealing to squirrels.

Use light to keep squirrels away. Squirrels don’t like motion lights or strobe lights. They startle the squirrels and make them think that predators are on the way. Using light tactically can keep squirrels from even considering your attic as a viable place to make their nests.

Put up some sprinklers. Water will not hurt the squirrels, but it will keep them away. Like most wild creatures, squirrels do not want to get wet. Give them a big incentive to stay away by setting up sprinklers, and you’ll stand a better chance of keeping the squirrels at bay. Also, your lawn will look lush and gorgeous.

There are humane and effective ways to keep squirrels from eyeing up your attic or shed as a place to nest. Simply use the tips outlined here and you should have a squirrel-free situation. If you do find that you have an infestation, remember not to try to handle it yourself. Call in the professional squirrel removal service in Toronto and keep both you and the squirrels safe.

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