01 Jun

What Damage Can Squirrels Do in the Attic

What Damage Can Squirrels Do in the Attic

Squirrels might be adorable frolicking around the trees in your backyard, but they can cause major problems if they make their way inside your home. One of the most popular places for squirrels to nest is in your attic.

Squirrels like attics because they are safe havens from predators, and good spots to camp out to avoid all of the natural elements outside. They are also generally free of humans, so squirrels don’t need to fear being intruded upon. Attics are ideal indoor locations for squirrels, but if a family of them decides to crash in your home, beware, there are signs you need to replace attic insulation. Squirrels can cause a whole host of problems and they are very tricky to get rid of if you’re not a professional squirrel removal technician. 

Squirrels love to gnaw on your wiring, can get into the insulation, and will even cause structural damage to your home in their endeavour to make your attic their personal habitat. As unpleasant as it may be to think about, dead or decomposing squirrels provide a health and sanitary risk to humans, as do their leavings. Squirrel urine and feces are difficult to clean up, especially if they have absorbed into the wooden beams of your attic. Humans also have to watch out for accidental interactions with squirrels. These animals can transmit diseases to people, or at the very least, inflict a nasty bite if disturbed.

If you’re alerted to the problem by the sounds of scratching, or maybe even a foul odour radiating from your attic, you need to get the professionals involved right away. The squirrels have probably wreaked some havoc in your attic already so any delays could be costly.

Don’t try to remove the squirrels yourself. They are wild animals and could attack if alarmed or threatened. Ontario has very strict regulations when it comes to disturbing wildlife, and it’s illegal to kill wild animals or cause them to needlessly suffer. It’s safer for you, and humane for the squirrels, if you call in a team of wildlife removal experts who can rid you of the problem and make sure that no squirrels return to your attic.

Fixing your squirrel problem takes professional attention. It’s imperative that the entry points are discovered and sealed, but that a door is left for the animals to get out. If there is no escape route for the squirrels, they will remain stuck in your attic indefinitely, and ultimately perish. A good wildlife removal team will make sure that the squirrels are sent back outside as quickly as possible.

Once the squirrels are gone, the professional time will seal off the exit so they can’t get back inside. You can go back to sharing your home with your family, instead of unwanted guests.

Many homeowners find their attics crashed by squirrels or raccoons at some point in time. The trick is to discover the unwanted visitors quickly and remove them humanely using a team of professional squirrel removal Toronto who are not only skilled at pest removal but also familiar with Ontario’s laws regarding the humane treatment of animals.