16 Sep

Why You Should Not Trap Squirrels Yourself

black squirrel

Trapping wildlife is often hailed as a simple, effective and humane removal method but this is most times far from the truth. Most squirrel removal experts rely on alternatives such as humane evictions and very rarely trap animals. Trapping is typically a last resort when there is no alternative and even then, the expert institutes measures to do it safely and humanely. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t trap wildlife yourself including;

  • It is illegal to transport wildlife for more than a kilometre without a permit. Squirrels have an impressive home-range and can easily find their way back if released nearby.
  • The mortality rate of relocated wildlife is shockingly high. One study suggests that 97-percent of relocated grey squirrels eventually die or go missing. Either way, the odds are against the animal since it has to find food, water and shelter in an unfamiliar territory. The squirrel may also be attacked by resident animals, doesn’t know safe places to escape or hide from predators and may be at great risk of becoming road kill.
  • Squirrel traps are not exactly targeted and may catch everything except the squirrel. This puts neighbourhood cats and small dogs at risk. The bait may also attract squirrels not currently living on your property so relocating the wrong squirrel doesn’t solve the problem.
  • Trapping is only a band-aid solution to your wildlife problem. Wildlife is attracted to food, water and a safe place to nest. Until these attractants are removed, other wildlife will simply come to take the place of the relocated animal.
  • Contrary to popular belief, trapping is inhumane. The animal is exposed to harsh weather conditions, predators, harassment from pets and the risk of starvation or dehydration. The animal may also get injured especially when using home-made traps. You can get charged for animal cruelty if the trapped squirrel is injured during capture even if it is unintentional.
  • There is a high risk of orphaning squirrels. Err on the side of caution and assume that the squirrel has a litter of babies hidden away out of sight. Capturing the mother without finding the babies condemns them to die of starvation or dehydration.

Hire a Squirrel Removal Company

Humane eviction is by far the best way to remove squirrels from your house. Hire a professional to install a one-way door that lets the squirrels leave but blocks them from re-entering the den.

The scope of work for wildlife removal companies in Toronto includes removing wildlife, sealing your home with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing to prevent a future infestation, cleaning up after eviction (squirrel feces and urine carry diseases and attract other wildlife) and repairing damage caused by the animals. Hire a company that offers a warranty of at least two years for the service.