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Why Are There So Many Black Squirrels in Toronto

Why Are There So Many Black Squirrels in Toronto

Black squirrels are actually the Eastern Grey Squirrel. The difference in colour comes from a genetic anomaly that prevents their fur from turning grey. Most people agree that black squirrels seem to be dominating the wildlife scene in Toronto. Scientists theorize a few reasons why this might be the case although it is difficult to say conclusively why there are so many black squirrels in Toronto compared to their grey counterparts.  

A 1970’s study of black and grey squirrels showed that the black fur allowed the squirrel to retain significantly more heat than its grey counterpart in the winter. It is feasible that a black squirrel has a higher likely hood of surviving harsh winter than the grey.

A more likely explanation for the rise of black squirrels is the mutant pigment gene that gives the squirrel its colour is dominant. This means that a black squirrel is more likely to give birth to black squirrels (or majority black squirrels in a litter) whether it mates with a black or grey partner.

Many scientists suggest that the black squirrel has more testosterone that its grey counterparts. Black and grey squirrels breed freely. The female chooses the most dominant male to mate with. The higher testosterone in the black squirrel may give it an edge to pass on the gene.

Still, on higher testosterone levels, some experts suggest that black squirrels are more aggressive than their grey relatives. This would give the former an edge, especially where food is scarce. The black squirrels would be better able to secure food and resources by dominating the other animals.

It is difficult to say for sure why there seem to be more black squirrels than grey because there has been no conclusive evidence in the matter. It may very well be a combination of most or all of these factors.

Hire a Professional to Remove Black Squirrels

Squirrels are a nuisance in the yard and can cause extensive damage especially if they are nesting in the attic. Remember that it is illegal to kill wildlife in Canada. It is also illegal to harm wildlife which happens often when people attempt to trap without proper knowledge.

Hire a professional squirrel removal company in Toronto to remove black squirrels from your property. The expert will also clean and disinfect the area after evicting the animals humanely. Squirrel feces and urine carry many disease-causing organisms. The service also includes securing the property with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing to prevent a future invasion. Hire a company that offers a warranty of at least 2 years for the job.

Remember that it is illegal to transport captured wildlife for more than a kilometre without a permit.

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