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How to Get Rid of Squirrels in an Attic

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in an Attic

The nuisance of squirrels in the attic in Toronto includes incessant scurrying and scratching, destroying insulation and chewing wires and the ever-present risk of contracting diseases from the animal’s feces and urine. Call us if you need insulation removal Toronto our experts can deal with any scale of insulation damage.

The best way to get rid of squirrels in the attic is to perform a humane eviction. This requires that you install a one-way door that lets the animals out to forage but blocks their access from the outside-in. The eviction is fairly easy to perform but should be the work of a professional squirrel removal service.

Why You Should Hire a Squirrel Removal Expert

One of the crucial tasks that the expert performs is to thoroughly inspect your home. First, noises in the attic don’t necessarily mean you have squirrels. Other wildlife that may nest in the attic includes rats, mice, bats and even raccoons. Successful wildlife removal largely hinges on identifying the animal and employing the best exclusion techniques for the species.

It is also necessary to seal all other potential entry points before installing a one-way door. A squirrel can easily fit through a one-and-a-half-inch gap or hole. You’ll need an expert eye to find all the potential wildlife entry points and seal with galvanized steel mesh or metal flashing.

Squirrels nest in attics because space offers a safe, warm nest to breed. You can safely assume that the offending squirrel has a litter in its nest. Evicting the mother without first taking care of the litter causes the baby squirrels to die of starvation and dehydration. The babies almost always have to be removed by hand and best done by an expert who can do it safely.

Professional squirrel removal services also include repairing damage in your attic and cleaning up after the nest. The damage may include exposed wires and torn insulation both of which are a safety and efficiency concern. Squirrel feces may contain various diseases including leptospirosis and salmonella. Some of these disease-causing organisms may be inhaled during cleanup. The professional has the right safety equipment and strong chemicals to guarantee that the area is disinfected sufficiently. Squirrel droppings and urine also alert other wildlife that your home is a good place to nest if it’s not cleaned properly.

Lastly, a good wildlife removal expert in Toronto provides a warranty of at least two years. This ensures that you don’t have to pay any more money in the unlikely events that the wildlife returns to your home.

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