22 Jan

Case Study: Raccoon and Squirrel Removal in Ajax

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Animals commonly find shelter in people’s attics, especially in the fall and winter months. They can tell that the inside is warm by the air that escapes the roof’s ventilation. To get inside, raccoons and squirrels will break the soffits, chew through the vents, or climb down the chimney. Housing animals in the attic however can seriously damage the insulation within and increase energy costs. It also puts your home at risk of getting more pests and the pathogens they bring with them. In this case, both raccoons and squirrels had broken into this Ajax home, one after the other. If you suspect an infestation on your property, call Wildlife Shield. Read More

30 Aug

When is Squirrel Mating Season?

Squirrel mating season in Canada may vary from squirrel species to species but generally speaking, squirrels mate twice a year; from December to February and once again from June to August. The gestation period of the average squirrel is 45 days when the animal gives birth to a litter of between 3 and 8 baby squirrels. The younglings are born deaf, blind and naked (without fur).

Multiple males will attempt to mate with a single female. The males attempt to get the female’s attention by loud chattering and slapping tree barks to show dominance. A female is receptive for less than a day and her pheromones can attract males up to a half kilometre away. The female chooses the most dominant male to mate with. It is not uncommon for the female to mate with multiple males. Read More

04 Aug

How to Manage Squirrels around Your House

Squirrel numbers in Toronto are on the rise and you might have seen the little critters scurrying across a telephone line or launching from a tree branch in your area. Squirrels around your home don’t have to be a problem if you can keep them out of your yard and from getting into the house. Fortunately, there are a few effective measures that ensure the squirrels in your vicinity aren’t a nuisance to you and your pets. Read More

28 Jul

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in an Attic

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in an Attic

The nuisance of squirrels in the attic in Toronto includes incessant scurrying and scratching, destroying insulation and chewing wires and the ever-present risk of contracting diseases from the animal’s feces and urine. Call us if you need insulation removal Toronto our experts can deal with any scale of insulation damage.

The best way to get rid of squirrels in the attic is to perform a humane eviction. This requires that you install a one-way door that lets the animals out to forage but blocks their access from the outside-in. The eviction is fairly easy to perform but should be the work of a professional squirrel removal service. Read More

15 Dec

Different Types of Squirrels in Ontario

Ontario is home to different species of squirrels. For the most part, interaction between human and squirrels does not go beyond watching them run, bounce, and chatter through your yard. However, sometimes a squirrel will find a way to invade your home as they search for a place to provide them shelter. Knowing how to identify squirrel species will help you in knowing what you’re dealing with and get proper squirrel control services. Read More

20 Nov

What to Do When Squirrels Break Into Your Attic

Squirrels often appear cute and playful. It is hard to imagine that they could be so cunning, annoying, and even damaging to your home. Unfortunately, squirrels can prove burdensome if they enter your attic. They can damage your insulation, wiring, and the wooden beams that support the structure of your roof. Knowing what to do when squirrels invade can save you time and money. Call for professional squirrel removal. Read More

02 Nov

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in The Attic

squirrel building a nest in the attic

When you think of a squirrel, you might think it is adorable in all it’s fluffy tailed cuteness. However, if you happen to discover one in your attic, it might not appear so cute anymore. Squirrels can wreak havoc in your attic by damaging insulation, wiring, and support beams. The sound of a squirrel tearing up your attic can drive you insane. Removing squirrels should be your top priority. Read More