04 Aug

How to Manage Squirrels around Your House


Squirrel numbers in Toronto are on the rise and you might have seen the little critters scurrying across a telephone line or launching from a tree branch in your area. Squirrels around your home don’t have to be a problem if you can keep them out of your yard and from getting into the house. Fortunately, there are a few effective measures that ensure the squirrels in your vicinity aren’t a nuisance to you and your pets.

The first line of defence is to remove food sources. Squirrels can be a problem if you have berry trees or acorns and nuts. Rake these from the ground as soon as they fall. Secure your trashcans with zip ties or bungee chords so the animals can’t rummage through your garbage to find food. The number one attractant of wildlife to your property is a reliable source of food.

Squirrels love bird seed and their nimble nature makes bird feeders an easy target. Replace your bird feeder with a squirrel-proof option or install a baffle on top or under the feeder. Make sure that the baffle is wide enough so the squirrels can’t reach around or jump over. Install the feeder on a pole at least 6 feet off the ground and 12 feet away from any structure or fixture that the animals can use to launch on to the feeder.

Prune your trees especially those near the house. Squirrels use the branches to get onto the roof and later chew their way into the house. You may have to install sleek metal sheets on your tree trunks so the wildlife can’t get traction to climb. Make sure that the metal is loose enough to allow the tree to grow naturally.

Lastly, inspect your home top-to-bottom and seal all holes, gaps and spaces with metal flashing or galvanized steel mesh. Squirrels can chew the edges of a small gap or hole to expand it to be thorough with the inspection. Remember to install a wildlife-proof chimney cap. Do not seal the holes until you are sure that there no wildlife inside the house.

Hire a Squirrel Removal Expert

The main leverage you have over squirrels on your property is to deny them food. This makes your yard unattractive and they’ll explore elsewhere. However, this doesn’t work if you already have squirrels living in your house or under the deck or shed.

Hire a squirrel removal expert in Toronto to remove squirrels from your home. A major concern is removing squirrels without first inspecting for a litter. Wildlife breaks into the house mainly looking for a safe place to breed so always assume that the squirrel has babies. The orphaned squirrels will certainly die of starvation or dehydration if you are not careful.

Trapping isn’t as humane as most people believe. The trapped animal is vulnerable to neighbourhood pets, predators, extreme weather, starvation and dehydration especially if you do not inspect the trap regularly. The animal may also exhaust itself to death while attempting to escape.

Only a wildlife removal expert can guarantee that the animals are removed humanely, safely and permanently. Hire a company that offers a warranty of at least two years for the service.

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