14 Aug

Is it Possible to Protect Wires from Squirrels?

Squirrels cause great damage to property but the most pressing concern is their habit of chewing through electrical wires. Exposed wires are a serious fire hazard, expose your children and pets to electrocution and may cause a blackout or short-circuit your electric.

Squirrels chew through wire insulation manly to sharpen their teeth, make the teeth stronger or to control the teeth’s growth-rate. Like most rodents, squirrel teeth grow quickly and out of control. The animal has to gnaw constantly to reduce the growth and to ‘trim’ the teeth.

How to Protect Wires from Squirrels

Cover your wires with PVC piping. Identify the wires closest to the squirrels and cut a piece of PVC piping lengthwise and place it over the wires so that they are inside the pipe. Cover the PVC with soft insulation. Squirrels prefer to gnaw on the hard material so the additional insulation should discourage them from chewing the pipe. The PVC will also rotate under the squirrel’s teeth and claws further discouraging the animal from chewing.

Next, find all the downspouts and railing leading up to the wires and cover them with masking tape. The idea is to make the railing slippery for the squirrels and discourage them from climbing up to the wiring.

This is of course only a band-aid solution to a more serious problem.

Call a Wildlife Removal Service

Your biggest concern isn’t how to stop the squirrels from chewing wiring but rather how to get rid of the squirrels entirely. Apart from the damage, they are causing your insulation, squirrel urine and droppings carry plenty of diseases some of which are airborne. These animals also breed rapidly and your ‘small’ squirrel problem will grow out of control in no time.

Hire a squirrel removal expert in Toronto to handle the problem. DIY removal may be tempting but is rarely successful.

People who trap squirrels or exclude them using one-way doors without first checking if there are babies in the nest cause the young to die of dehydration and starvation. This causes an unbearable stench of rotting corpses and a soiled conscience. You can also be sure that a mother squirrel will do everything in her power to get back to the nest if she is excluded. This often means tearing your house apart and causing extensive damage.

You also need to clean and disinfect the squirrel nest. The job requires protective gear and special equipment if the squirrels are nesting inside the chimney, attic or other difficult-to-reach places.

A wildlife removal expert will get rid of the squirrels, clean up, repair damage and seal your house to prevent squirrels or any other wildlife from taking up residence in future.

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