16 Aug

Signs of Raccoons in the House

attic cleaning after raccoon invasion

Hearing animals in your attic, walls or crawlspaces doesn’t necessarily mean that raccoons are the culprit. Other animals that may break into the house include rats, mice, squirrels and bats. Positively identifying the animal is the first crucial steps to successfully removing wildlife from your home in Ontario. There are a few signs which indicate that the offending animal is indeed a raccoon.

The time of day you hear animal activity can let you know which animal may have broken in. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so you are most likely to hear activity in the late evening and overnight. Raccoons mostly invade houses to breed so wildlife activity in spring is another positive sign of coons.

Raccoon noises are easily distinguishable from other wildlife because of their big size and weight. While smaller wildlife such as squirrels scurries, raccoons make stomping noises almost like a human walking.

Raccoon damage to property is also more extensive than you would expect from a small animal. You may notice damaged drywall, floor, roofing tiles or wooden support beams. You may also notice major damage to HVAC components, wiring and insulation. If your insulation is damaged we recommend completely replacing it. You can call us and book an attic insulation removal service.

Another common sign of a raccoon infestation is the presence of nesting materials. Raccoons typically get their materials outdoors so you may notice twigs, leaves and other organic debris. Other favourite nesting materials include shredded cloth, paper and peaces of torn up insulation.

Lastly, raccoons leave evidence of food scraps which may include anything from fruits and vegetables to waste from your garbage. Raccoons are omnivorous so the scraps may include virtually any food available in the vicinity including berries, nuts, meats, pet food and more.

How to Remove Raccoons from the House

Raccoons in your home almost always mean that there are raccoon babies present especially around breeding season. Trapping or evicting the mother leaves the baby raccoons die of dehydration and starvation. Apart from this being inhumane, you will have to track rotting corpses hidden away in crawl spaces, the attic and other hard-to-reach areas.

Call a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto to get rid of raccoons safely, humanely and permanently. The service also includes cleaning and disinfecting the den, repairing damage and wildlife-proofing the house to prevent a future invasion. Ask for a warranty of at least two years for the service.