16 Nov

How Does a Squirrel One Way Door Work?

one way door for squirrel

If you have been reading up on how to get rid of squirrels in the attic you have probably come across the squirrel one way exclusion door. Exclusion is without a doubt the most effective and humane way to get rid of squirrels and is the preferred method by wildlife control experts.

The science behind the contraption is simple. The one way door actually looks more like a wire tarp than an actual door. The device is open on both ends. One end has wings or flanges and is mounted directly over the primary entry and/or exit hole on the building. The door is flash on the building so that the squirrel goes through it immediately it leaves the hole.

The door has a repeating torsion-spring which lifts easily to let the squirrel through but cannot lift back up in the opposite direction once the animal has passed through. As the name suggests, the one way door lets the squirrels out of the nest but acts as a barrier preventing the animal from going back in.

A one way squirrel door is used as part of a larger squirrel exclusion strategy. Remember that these rodents are capable chewers and easily squeeze through any hole more than 2 inches. They will soon find their way back into the attic through another hole or make a new one if you rely on the one way door as your only removal strategy.

It is necessary to block all other possible entry points using metal flashing or galvanized steel mesh which the rodents can’t chew through before installing the one way door.

Another similar exclusion device is the squirrel funnel which is also mounted over the main entry or exit hole after blocking off all other potential access points. The funnel is wide where it is flash on the wall/hole and gets narrower towards the opposite end. The hole on the opposite end is only big enough for the squirrel to squeeze out but is designed such that the animal cannot squeeze back through the exit hole once out of the funnel.

A squirrel one way door can be tricky to mount so it is best to leave the job to a wildlife control expert in Toronto. Even if you are adept at DIY, you could potentially compound your problems if you attempt to get rid of the squirrels yourself.

A mother that is separated from her young ones will gladly tear your house apart to get back to its litter. This is why one of the first thing experts do is to inspect the nest to ensure that there are no baby squirrels.

It is also necessary to permanently seal off all possible entryways and clean the attic thoroughly so the urine and pheromones don’t attract other squirrels or rodents. Ultimately, a wildlife removal expert is far more likely to guarantee a permanent and humane removal.

Insist on a warranty for the squirrel removal in Toronto preferably for at least a year after the initial exclusion.