09 Oct

Noises in the Attic Early Morning – Squirrels

squirrel in attic

Hearing noises in the attic in the early morning rules out nocturnal animals such as raccoons, possums and rats. The most likely culprit, in this case, is squirrels although a little investigation into the type of noise and hours of activity can help confirm your suspicions. Determining what animal is in your attic is the first step to removing the animal. Squirrels are diurnal animals which mean they are active during the day and sleep through the night. Squirrels are most active early morning just after dawn. The activity may slow down during the day and peak again just before dusk or early evening. Squirrels leave their nest to forage for food and water and it is not uncommon for a squirrel to leave the nest and return multiple times a day. Call us if you need squirrel removal in Toronto, our animal removal experts know how to set a one-way door to find all entry points to remove squirrels completely.  Read More

30 Aug

When is Squirrel Mating Season?

Squirrel mating season in Canada may vary from squirrel species to species but generally speaking, squirrels mate twice a year; from December to February and once again from June to August. The gestation period of the average squirrel is 45 days when the animal gives birth to a litter of between 3 and 8 baby squirrels. The younglings are born deaf, blind and naked (without fur).

Multiple males will attempt to mate with a single female. The males attempt to get the female’s attention by loud chattering and slapping tree barks to show dominance. A female is receptive for less than a day and her pheromones can attract males up to a half kilometre away. The female chooses the most dominant male to mate with. It is not uncommon for the female to mate with multiple males. Read More

20 Nov

What to Do When Squirrels Break Into Your Attic

Squirrels often appear cute and playful. It is hard to imagine that they could be so cunning, annoying, and even damaging to your home. Unfortunately, squirrels can prove burdensome if they enter your attic. They can damage your insulation, wiring, and the wooden beams that support the structure of your roof. Knowing what to do when squirrels invade can save you time and money. Call for professional squirrel removal. Read More

16 Nov

How Does a Squirrel One Way Door Work?

If you have been reading up on how to get rid of squirrels in the attic you have probably come across the squirrel one way exclusion door. Exclusion is without a doubt the most effective and humane way to get rid of squirrels and is the preferred method by wildlife control experts.

The science behind the contraption is simple. The one way door actually looks more like a wire tarp than an actual door. The device is open on both ends. One end has wings or flanges and is mounted directly over the primary entry and/or exit hole on the building. The door is flash on the building so that the squirrel goes through it immediately it leaves the hole. Read More

15 Nov

How Do I Get Squirrels Out of My Attic

Squirrels in your attic are definitely a nuisance and may feel like an invasion on your property but consider this; rising human population has caused people to invade what was originally wildlife habitat. Wildlife such as squirrels still needs to find food and shelter so it is inevitable that they will come into contact with humans in their quest for survival.

This doesn’t mean that you should willingly allow the wildlife to set up residency in your home. Truth is squirrels in Ontario cause all kinds of damage to property and are disease carriers. There is however a humane way to remove squirrels from your attic. Read More

13 Nov

Why Do Squirrels Break Into Attics?

Squirrels are common residents of attics in Toronto and are noisy and destructive. These rodents also carry disease including Lyme disease, Rabies and Leptospirosis.  This still doesn’t explain why they break into attics in the first place. For one, squirrels are a highly adaptive species. Human settlements have expanded exponentially over the years to the point of encroaching into wildlife territory. Squirrels have simply adapted to the urban landscape to ensure the survival of the species. Read More

12 Nov

When Are Squirrels Active in the Attic

Squirrels are one of the most common attic invaders in Canada but activity in the attic doesn’t always indicate the presence of squirrels. There are other animals that are equally happy to nest in these spaces. Squirrels, in particular, are diurnal animals (active during the day) so attic activity in the daytime is often related to squirrels. Squirrels are especially active in the early morning or at first light when they wake up and go foraging for food and early evening or dusk when they return to the nest. If you hear noises from your attic during those times chances are you are dealing with squirrels in your attic. Read More

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