12 May

Why Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Of all the creatures in the world considered a pest, raccoons might seem like the least dangerous. People often look at a raccoon and think that it is adorable. What could possibly be so harmful about a fat, fuzzy animal with a cute mask and whiskers? In truth, raccoons pose specific dangers to you if they invade your property and home.


Perhaps the most important reason raccoons are dangerous is because of the illnesses they can cause. Inside those seemingly cute, furry bodies, raccoons house diseases that pose a health hazard to humans. Three diseases, in particular, include rabies, leptospirosis, and roundworm.

Although it is not common for a rabid raccoon to attack a human, it is still not something you should risk. Humans can contract leptospirosis if they drink water or come into contact with soil contaminated by raccoon urine. Fortunately, leptospirosis passing to humans is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. It is such a serious disease that it can cause death.
The chance of humans contracting roundworms is also rare. However, pets are susceptible. When raccoons defecate in your yard, their feces may contain roundworm eggs. Some pets, especially dogs, sometimes eat feces belonging to other animals. As such, they end up ingesting the eggs. If you spot raccoon feces in your yard, wear a mask and gloves to remove it quickly.


While it is not common for a raccoon to attack a person, they will attack a cat or a dog. If a raccoon feels threatened, it will do whatever is necessary to protect itself. If the raccoon invading your property has babies, that will make it even more likely to attack. A raccoon can do serious damage to a pet, and they do have the ability to kill a cat or small dog.


Finally, raccoons are dangerous because they can cause significant property damage. They can tear apart your gardens, which is a huge waste of money. They can also tear apart your house if they manage to find a way in. If they drop feces and urine everywhere, it can lead to very expensive repairs, which is damaging to your financial stability.

If there is a raccoon hanging around your property or possibly in your home, call a professional immediately. A pest control professional can handle the situation in a safe, effective manner. Because Canadian regulations protect wildlife, it is best not to handle the situation on your own. Professionals can use live traps to capture the raccoon and move it to a safe location far away from your home. Call us today if you need help with raccoon removal Toronto.

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