20 Aug

What Do Raccoons Eat in Cities

Raccoons are omnivorous animals so the easy answer to the question what do raccoons eat in cities is; virtually anything the critters can get their paws on.

Raccoons will gladly eat pet food left outside overnight, rotting vegetables and worms in compost, bird food, and leftovers in trash cans, fish inside decorative ponds, eggs and small birds in chicken coops, and fruits and berries from fruit trees. Although they are out of their natural environment in cities, raccoons still have an abundance of food choices in most cases. Read More

12 May

Why Raccoons Can Be Dangerous

Of all the creatures in the world considered a pest, raccoons might seem like the least dangerous. People often look at a raccoon and think that it is adorable. What could possibly be so harmful about a fat, fuzzy animal with a cute mask and whiskers? In truth, raccoons pose specific dangers to you if they invade your property and home. Read More

08 May

How to Select a Raccoon Removal Company

Having a raccoon in your home is not only a nuisance but health risk. The best approach to combat this problem is to hire an expert. A do-it-yourself approach is not advisable as it causes more harm than good, both to the raccoon and yourself. Selecting a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto could be tasking, but there are a few requirements to assist you in hiring the right one for the job. Read More

23 Dec

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Yard

There is no shortage of suggestions to raccoon removal in Toronto. Solutions range from the plausible such as leaving a waterproof radio outside, set to a talk show to dupe raccoons into thinking there is human activity; to the ridiculous such as spreading human hair and nails around your yard because raccoons are reportedly afraid of humans.

The truth is raccoons are highly intelligent animals and well adapted to living with humans so these tricks and hacks don’t work. The best you can do is figure out what is attracting wildlife to your yard in the first place and then eliminate or manage these attractions.

So what are raccoons attracted to? Read More

14 Dec

Attic Cleaning After Raccoon Invasion

Discovering a raccoon in your attic is distressing. Aside from the fact that they are noisy, they are also destructive. They can tear apart your insulation, damage wooden beams, and even damage sheetrock with their urine. After raccoon removal, you will have a lot of cleaning and restoration on your hands. It is important that you understand how to tackle attic cleaning after raccoons have invaded. Read More

19 Mar

Removing Raccoons Under a Deck

How to Remove Raccoons Under a Deck

One raccoons set up shop under the deck they are hard to get out.

Evicting raccoons from under a deck can take some doing. The whole point is not only to get them out but also to make sure that they can’t get back in. Or any other animal for that matter. The way we go about performing such a removal involves the sealing of the deck and placing a one way door so that all animals can exit but not get back in.

The materials and techniques we use guarantee that every animal is out and provide protection for years to come. All our work comes with a minimum of a two year warranty so if the animals break back in we return and repair our work at no additional charge.

Raccoon Removal From Under a Deck​

A successful raccoon removal from under a deck in Toronto is more complicated than most people think. The major concern is raccoon babies left without food and water if the mother is excluded from the den. A desperate mother can cause serious damage with her sharp claws and strong teeth desperately trying to reunite with the babies. Hire a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto to get your problem fixed humanely. The service also includes cleaning and disinfecting the empty raccoon nest. Raccoon droppings and urine carry a host of diseases and may attract other wildlife to your property.

Raccoon Removal Process

Exclusion involves the process of letting the raccoons out of their den and sealing the perimeter of the deck with galvanized steel mesh permanently. We recommend utilizing our additional services to clean out and disinfect under the deck area thoroughly after exclusion. It well known that raccoon feces and urine attracts other wildlife and carry many dangerous pathogens.


Our experts begin by inspecting your deck thoroughly to find potential entry points. An adult raccoon can squeeze through a hole 4 inches wide. Seal the holes leaving only the main entrance. This is the one with raccoon tracks, food debris, droppings and other obvious signs of wildlife activity.

Trenching & Exclusion

Technicians will dig a 2 foot deep trench around your deck and attach galvanized steel mesh from the skirt of your deck down. The mesh will prevent animals from getting under the wood and the underground portion of the mesh will prevent the animals from burrowing through the barrier.

One Way Door

One-way door installation. The door will let raccoons out as usual but only opens outward so the animals can’t come back inside. We will remove the door once you are sure activity has stopped and seal the hole with galvanized steel mesh .

Secure Transactions

Guaranteed Service

We make sure that each job we do is sound and reflects high quality. We cover every area we do work on with a two-year warranty. If raccoons break back through our work we will return at no extra cost. Our expert will remove animals safely and humanely and make sure that all entry points are sealed.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Here at Wildlife Shield, we are dedicated to providing only the humane and safe raccoon removal treatments. We make certain no animals are damaged or stressed during the deck exclusion process. Most wildlife issues can be solved with just one-way doors and exclusion. We make sure that no raccoons babies are injured during the exclusion process. Our technicians have been trained to cope with the most challenging circumstances.

2 Year Warranty On Our Work

Our raccoon removal and deck exclusion work are covered with a guarantee and a two-year warranty. If animals break in through our work during the warranty period, we return to correct the issue at no additional charge.


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How to Keep Raccoons Out

After our technician finish the deck exclusion work you as a homeowner should follow some preventive steps to keep raccoon away from coming back.  

Start by depriving them of food. Keep your pet food, including bird seed, indoors especially at night. If the animals haven’t yet made a den in your house, they are more likely to explore new territory if there is no more food in your yard.

Keep your trashcans locked away in your garage if possible. If they must be outside, get sturdy metal garbage cans with a lid. Fasten the cover securely with zip ties or chords. Again, the idea is to deprive the raccoons of food.


Due to their adaptability, raccoons quite well inhabited metropolitan areas. Raccoons in Toronto are a nuisance for homeowners and will eat just about anything they come across. Their greedy appetites wouldn’t be a problem if these critters didn’t rip the house apart to create dens, tip over garbage cans and create a mess, dig holes in the yard, eat fish from outdoor ponds, swim and defecate in pools and get into all kinds of shenanigans. 

Raccoons are looking for consistent food and water, and a warm, safe place to nest especially if it’s breeding season. Raccoon’s breeding season is between late January and mid-March.

Raccoon Babies

Mid-March – April is known as Raccoon baby season. During this period female raccoons are on the search for safe places to set up a nest for future babies. This typically means that raccoons that live in cities will try to find safe places in attics and under decks. When we conduct an inspection and do raccoon removal exclusion during this season we pay more attention to make sure that no babies are left behind. We utilize a one-way door to get mature raccoons out. Although this method is pretty efficient raccoon babies can complicate the work. Throughout the raccoon baby season, we remove the mother from the deck or the attic and locate the babies to take them out safely and reunite them with their mother after.

Raccoon Proofing Solutions

Wildlife Shield provides the full range of animal removal services. From the simple installation of wire mesh and one-way doors to complete wildlife proofing of an entire property. We have experience and know-how that allow us to strengthen the whole structure against even the most curious and invasive animals. To accomplish full raccoon proofing of your property we recommend installing chimney caps, protecting plastic vents since they are often used by animals to get in, strengthening of siding as well as removal of any tree branches that might assist wildlife.

Common Areas We Recommend Protecting: 

  • Roof Vents
  • Soffits
  • Roof Edges
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Chimneys
  • Wall Vents
  • Decks
  • Sheds

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

During raccoon and squirrel infestation, these animals use your attic or under the deck area as a toilet. If raccoons and squirrels are left for a substantial amount of time alone, they can completely compromise attic insulation with their feces and urine. Raccoon’s waste is full of pathogens and can impact your family health if it’s left in the attic or under the deck after the raccoon exclusion process. We offer cleaning services that eliminate feces and deodorize the region with commercial grade products which break down odours and germs at the molecular level. We use industrial products which destroy odours from what animals have left behind.

Attic Insulation Removal

When raccoons and squirrels inhabited your attic, they compromise insulation quite quickly by compressing it and decreasing the R-value of the insulation. Compressed insulation means that you hydro bills go up during peak seasons like summer and winter. Another problem wild animals can bring during the invasion is they will pollute areas where they live with waste and feces beyond repair. We offer the exclusion of contaminated insulation and clean up services for attic spaces. We use commercial grade products to make sure all pathogens and kill, and there is no odour left.



Wildlife Control

Our wildlife removal experts use techniques that reduce conflicts between animals  and humans. All our technicians are licensed and instructed in wildlife management. We have more than a decade of experience working with wildlife in Toronto, our resources and know-how allow us to completely and humanely remove animals from under decks. 

Additionally we offer services to manage other animals that inhabit Toronto such as squirrels, skunks and birds. Wildlife Shield offers  full pest control and wildlife removal services in the Greater Toronto area.

Call: 647-560-3988.  

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Raccoon Articles

17 Mar

Raccoon Baby Calling

Spring is the season when raccoons give birth to their young. We get countless calls a year to remove raccoons from attics. In some cases we need to humanely remove and re-unite the raccoon babies with their mother. These ones were outside for a few minutes before mom came and took her new family to their new home.

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