15 Dec

Different Types of Squirrels in Ontario

different types of squirrels in ontario

Ontario is home to different species of squirrels. For the most part, interaction between human and squirrels does not go beyond watching them run, bounce, and chatter through your yard. However, sometimes a squirrel will find a way to invade your home as they search for a place to provide them shelter. Knowing how to identify squirrel species will help you in knowing what you’re dealing with and get proper squirrel control services.

Black and Grey Squirrels

Black and grey squirrels fall into the same category because they are of the same species. The squirrels may look different, but it is just variations in coat coloring. Both black and grey squirrels belong to the family of eastern grey squirrels. You can identify the eastern grey easily because the fur will typically appear grey, although in some cases, the squirrel’s fur may be black or brownish.

Typically, the squirrel’s big bushy tail is as long as its body. The eastern grey usually measure a total length of 40 to 50 cm. They are highly attracted to acorns since they can process the proteins in the nut better than most other species of squirrel. For that reason, it is not uncommon to see the eastern grey out and about in your yard during the cold winter months.

Red Squirrels

Red squirrels are smaller than eastern grey squirrels, but when there are just as many to deal with, size doesn’t matter. The red squirrel is characterized by changes in coat color depending on the time of year. When the weather is warm, the squirrel has reddish colored fur with a white patch on the belly and two black lines on its back.

As the temperature drop, the white patch on the belly turns a grey color and the black lines all but disappear. In terms of size, the red squirrel is roughly 20 cm long and has a tail that is roughly 10 cm in length. Do not let their small size fool you. Just like eastern grey squirrels, these little guys are pesky and can invade your home if given the chance.

If you suspect you have a squirrel invasion, no matter if it is the eastern grey or the red squirrel, call a professional. The professional wildlife removal can identify the squirrel you are dealing with and take appropriate measures to remove it safely and effectively. Never attempt any kind of DIY removal.