08 May

How to Select a Raccoon Removal Company

Having a raccoon in your home is not only a nuisance but health risk. The best approach to combat this problem is to hire an expert. A do-it-yourself approach is not advisable as it causes more harm than good, both to the raccoon and yourself. Selecting a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto could be tasking, but there are a few requirements to assist you in hiring the right one for the job.

Raccoon Removal Company Checklist

The first step is hiring a licensed removal expert. Do not settle for an exterminator or a friend who is likely to injure or kill the animal. It is illegal to kill or torture raccoons because they are protected wildlife. A professional is well versed with raccoon behaviour and state laws and can predict outcomes and handle a raccoon safely and legally.

Given there’s a one-kilometre limit to which anyone can transport captured animals without a license, this eliminates anyone, not from a raccoon removal company. They are mandated to trap, remove and carry raccoons with them to rid you of the issue.  Another aspect to look into are whether they are registered to operate in your area and reviews from former customers. Just because their website says so doesn’t mean they are legitimate. Part of the removal is cleaning up the mess created by the animals. It involves getting rid of urine and feces and disinfecting the area to prevent diseases from being spread.

An added item on your checklist ought to be finding out if the company is insured. Unlike Animal Control, a removal company will get rid of the carcass, and this could mean two things. If space is too tight to crawl into, expect to have walls broken down. The second thing, although unlikely, is injury or death during a removal. The insurance, therefore, protects you from liability.

The last thing to ask when hiring a wildlife removal company in Toronto is for a warranty. It will assure that should a raccoon problem reoccur you won’t have to get back into your pocket. From your top companies, consult for the pricing and make your selection. Make sure you get a warranty of not less than two years.

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