08 May

How to Select a Raccoon Removal Company

Having a raccoon in your home is not only a nuisance but health risk. The best approach to combat this problem is to hire an expert. A do-it-yourself approach is not advisable as it causes more harm than good, both to the raccoon and yourself. Selecting a professional raccoon removal company in Toronto could be tasking, but there are a few requirements to assist you in hiring the right one for the job. Read More

14 Dec

Attic Cleaning After Raccoon Invasion

Discovering a raccoon in your attic is distressing. Aside from the fact that they are noisy, they are also destructive. They can tear apart your insulation, damage wooden beams, and even damage sheetrock with their urine. After raccoon removal, you will have a lot of cleaning and restoration on your hands. It is important that you understand how to tackle attic cleaning after raccoons have invaded. Read More

12 Aug

How To Outsmart Raccoons – Some Methods

Raccoons are nocturnal animals that roam around urban and suburban homes. They are pests in that they make holes in the lawn, strip birdfeeders, kill chickens, attack dogs, and dig through the garden. Raccoons are intelligent, agile and quick animals and on many occasions they outsmart humans who try to trap them or use raccoon removal methods. This article aims to detail a few methods that provide answers to the question, how to outsmart raccoons. Read More

03 Aug

How to Keep Raccoons Out of a Garden

Gardening is hard work. Only a true gardener can empathize with the pain and frustration felt when your garden gets invaded upon by a rascally raccoon. Raccoons have to be one of the worst sort of pests to have attacking your fruits and vegetables. They are just so intelligent, agile, and determined. Once they get a taste of your delights, it can be a real challenge to keep them away. In this case call raccoon removal services or use some tips from this article.  Read More