16 Aug

Signs of Raccoons in the House

Hearing animals in your attic, walls or crawlspaces doesn’t necessarily mean that raccoons are the culprit. Other animals that may break into the house include rats, mice, squirrels and bats. Positively identifying the animal is the first crucial steps to successfully removing wildlife from your home in Ontario. There are a few signs which indicate that the offending animal is indeed a raccoon. Read More

07 May

Do Raccoons Live in Sewers?

Over the years, rural and urban development has disturbed the natural habitat for many wild animals, including raccoons. When forestry is destroyed in place of homes and businesses, raccoons must either seek out a new wooded area or adapt to their new surroundings. Fortunately for raccoons, they are good at adapting and can reside in some unpredictable places.

Although raccoons prefer wooded areas close to lakes or streams of water, they can adapt to live in rural and urban areas. Of course, you might wonder where exactly they find residence in busy populated areas. If you have ever walked by a sewer drain, perhaps you have seen a raccoon sitting in the opening, but is that where they make their den? Read More

04 Jan

What Are Natural Raccoon Predators?

Raccoons may appear cute and even cuddly but these animals are very capable of defending themselves from predators using their sharp teeth and strong claws. Raccoons are also good climbers allowing them to quickly get away from predators and get an access to your property and cause damage. It is recommended calling a raccoon removal company to deal with such an issue.  Read More

23 Dec

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Yard

There is no shortage of suggestions to raccoon removal in Toronto. Solutions range from the plausible such as leaving a waterproof radio outside, set to a talk show to dupe raccoons into thinking there is human activity; to the ridiculous such as spreading human hair and nails around your yard because raccoons are reportedly afraid of humans.

The truth is raccoons are highly intelligent animals and well adapted to living with humans so these tricks and hacks don’t work. The best you can do is figure out what is attracting wildlife to your yard in the first place and then eliminate or manage these attractions.

So what are raccoons attracted to? Read More