15 Aug

Why are Raccoons Destroying My Lawn?

Raccoons live just about everywhere, from the East Coast all the way to California. These animals are nocturnal feeders that feed on your sweet corn, though they also feed on fruit trees, potatoes, peas and grubs. Wild raccoons cause many problems not only to people, but also to the environment as well. Even though they prefer areas with trees and a water source, more and more of them are raiding gardens since gardens are an easy source of food. Raccoons in a yard are capable of turning the entire landscape upside down. A family of raccoons will wreak havoc on your garden as they forage and strip plants of everything good for eating. Read More

07 Aug

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden

Squirrels are one of the worst pests in nearly every summer garden. They love nothing more than to eat the shoots and leaves of growing plants, ruining your harvest in the process. When it comes to how to keep squirrels out of your garden, there are three basic plans of action. You can either stop them from entering with a fence, scare them away, or trap and release them somewhere else. Read More