04 Jan

What Are Natural Raccoon Predators?

Raccoons may appear cute and even cuddly but these animals are very capable of defending themselves from predators using their sharp teeth and strong claws. Raccoons are also good climbers allowing them to quickly get away from predators and get an access to your property and cause damage. It is recommended calling a raccoon removal company to deal with such an issue.  Read More

14 Mar

How to Remove a Raccoon from a Window Well

In this case the raccoon frequented a covered window well in downtown Toronto court yard. It wasn’t baby season and upon inspection it was clear that this was the only animal present. We used a snare pole to grab the animal in a way that would not compromise its safety. However, after it was extracted it made an attempt to attack. It then moved away and we proceeded with sealing the window well so that no other animals can make their way back in. You can watch the video here: Read More

15 Aug

Why are Raccoons Destroying My Lawn?

Raccoons live just about everywhere, from the East Coast all the way to California. These animals are nocturnal feeders that feed on your sweet corn, though they also feed on fruit trees, potatoes, peas and grubs. Wild raccoons cause many problems not only to people, but also to the environment as well. Even though they prefer areas with trees and a water source, more and more of them are raiding gardens since gardens are an easy source of food. Raccoons in a yard are capable of turning the entire landscape upside down. A family of raccoons will wreak havoc on your garden as they forage and strip plants of everything good for eating. Read More

03 Aug

How to Keep Raccoons Out of a Garden

Gardening is hard work. Only a true gardener can empathize with the pain and frustration felt when your garden gets invaded upon by a rascally raccoon. Raccoons have to be one of the worst sort of pests to have attacking your fruits and vegetables. They are just so intelligent, agile, and determined. Once they get a taste of your delights, it can be a real challenge to keep them away. In this case call raccoon removal services or use some tips from this article.  Read More