02 Jul

Wildlife Proofing Your Home

Once the animals are out we need to take the necessary steps to keep them out. To do this effectively we need to strengthen all vulnerable access points that can be easy for animals to take advantage of.

This includes:

  • Vents
  • Chimneys
  • Soffits
  • Ventilation Pipes
  • Roof Edges

In this video you will find a step by step guide of our services.

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05 Apr

Osprey Nest on Cell Tower – Bird Control

Part of what makes our job interesting is working in close proximity to wild animals. Raccoons and squirrels are one thing, but getting in close quarters with a full grown osprey on the peak of a 250 foot tower is an exhilarating experience. We often get called out to solve such conflicts on telecom towers. Obviously we have all the necessary training, certifications, expertise and equipment to do this safely and efficiently. In this case osprey nested on a telecom tower and as a result posed a threat to repair crews that serviced the tower. We came in to make sure that no bird or person was hurt or in danger.

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22 Mar

Trapping a Skunk – Skunk Removal

Trapping is a last resort solution. It can be stressful of harm animals when not performed by a professional. However, it can be effective in removing an animal from an area before we proceed with exclusion to keep it out. When performing any type of trapping, every animal can only be re-located within 1 km from where it was captured. This is in accordance with Ministry of Natural Resources guidelines. This skunk was relocated within a 1 km from where it was captured.

If you too are experiencing problems with wildlife, you can always rely on our help for skunk removal. Please call: 647-560-3988

19 Mar

Removing Raccoons Under a Deck

Evicting raccoons from under a deck can take some doing. The whole point is not only to get them out but also to make sure that they can’t get back in. Or any other animal for that matter. The way we go about performing such a removal involves the sealing of the deck and placing a one way door so that all animals can exit but not get back in. The materials and techniques we use guarantee that every animal is out and provide protection for years to come. All our work comes with a minimum of a two year warranty so if the animals break back in we return and repair our work at no additional charge.

If you too are in need for raccoon removal give us a call: 647-560-3988

14 Mar

How to Remove a Raccoon from a Window Well

In this case the raccoon frequented a covered window well in downtown Toronto court yard. It wasn’t baby season and upon inspection it was clear that this was the only animal present. We used a snare pole to grab the animal in a way that would not compromise its safety. However, after it was extracted it made an attempt to attack. It then moved away and we proceeded with sealing the window well so that no other animals can make their way back in. You can watch the video here:

Keep in mind that this is dangerous work and is performed by trained, licensed and insured professionals. Don’t try these techniques on your own. If you too are experiencing problems with raccoons you can have the professionals deal with the situation. You can learn more about our raccoon removal services or call 647-560-3988

12 Mar

Getting Squirrels Out of The Attic

In this squirrel removal job the guys had to deal with a few really persistent squirrels. Like always we perform a full roof inspection. Certain jobs require two people for safety. A second pair of eyes is always great to spot the small entry points that squirrels can sometimes use. If you too are experiencing squirrel problems call us for a consultation or to book an appointment with one of our technicians.

12 Mar

Skunks Living Under Deck

This customer had been dealing with skunks for quite some time. The animals were living under the deck. We were hired to exclude the deck and have the skunks move on. While we managed to keep the animals out the smell persisted for a few days. We deployed game trail cameras and were surprised to discover that we weren’t dealing with one skunk which is usually the case, but with multiple ones.

If you too are experiencing issues with skunks you can give us a call for a no obligation consultation or to book an appointment with one of our specialists. Call: 647-560-3988 for skunk removal.